Today Grant and Elena address the issue of bad news being the dominant topic on most TV and news outlets. Relationships are already a challenge. Men and women have different energies. You have different dreams and goals. Every day has new challenges just from your personal life, let alone your business life.

On top of that the kind of headlines you wake up to are things like the Taiwanese plan crashing into a bridge and river. Yesterday it was a Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. And then there is the measles outbreak.

We all have to live in a world with bad news. What are you doing to guard yourself from all that bad news? What about the conflicting data being spread as truth?

How do you avoid the negative news?

Based on yesterdays news:
1. Don’t fly
2. Don’t go the Middle East
3. Don’t take a train
4. Don’t drive a vehicle
5. Don’t send the kids to school

Back in the 80s they advertised that Valium was a non-addictive drug and all the studies had been done to prove it. It turns out to be highly addictive and have the longest half-life of any drug ever produced.

How many times will they break your trust before you stop listening to these people with vested interest in this propaganda? #bigpharma

Do you think kids should get vaccinated?

Listen to the full episode to hear Grant and Elena discuss the controversial Super Bowl call by Russell Wilson. Be focused on the team winning first, not on one player outshining everyone.

Was Russell Wilson self-serving? #RussellWilson

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  • marcell hanson

    Good god GC – I don’t watch the news and that is how I protect myself against bad news. Then YOU share it with me on my trusted WIT Network ):  I think you could ask what we do to protect ourselves without you going through all the stuff you did. Just sayin’
    Nice shades Elena – do what you wanna do!

  • Daryl K Dandredge

    Hey y’all. I really love what I’m seeing with you guys. I’m a pastor, me and my wife do a lot of pre marriage and marriage counseling. We believe in being real!! Like y’all. LOL. I’ve tweeted Grant twice. This is my 3rd attempt and now I’m using another avenue (doing what I’m learning from Grant) I got 9 more times to get before him before I close you all on coming to AR to do a marriage conf. 501.580.4748. Call me.

  • deleted_70643909_thekevinhealy

    I agree that you shouldn’t vaccinate your kids. The “you’re endangering my kids argument” makes no sense because if vaccines worked the other kids at school would be safe regardless of anyone around them.  

    Negative news stories are emphasized because they’re better at getting attention.

  • Laszlo Molnar

    Good to see you are doing well! I hope that chest pain was just false alarm! Happy humpday, grantcardone! 🙂

  • Chad Pittenger

    Great Show!!!  You and Elena always bring it REAL….. Way to Rock the Shades Queen E.

  • Takman17

    I do not watch the News……do Miracle Morning By your boy Hal Elrod,up @ 4am every morning,watch ESPN & the WHATEVERITTAKESNETWORK!!!!……I am only going to watch the News,when they are reporting on the Great things I am doing positively for the World

  • Takman17

    My Kids are 17 & 14 never had them Vaccine …..why would you ever do that to your kids, Elena you nailed it!!!!!!! do not put that crap in your kids!

  • Laszlo Molnar

    Elena, would you kindly share your thoughts on how to get a new set of friends (the right ones!) when moving to a new city? I’m in this situation with my fiancee now. You moved with Grant to Miami and I believe you were successful at doing this, that’s why I’m asking you. Thank you so much, you are great on the show!

  • robkdude

    I so admire you both for everything you do for others!  Thank you! Ok, as for vaccines, totally agreed. Interesting data is available btw on relationship between autism and mercury. Check out Dr. Anita Pepi in LA and her website on mercury in vaccines. It is in the Flu vaccine in a compound called Thimerasol (not sure on spelling.) Anyway, check out her downloadable video footage of the effect of mercury on nerve tissue on her website.