Grant and Elena Cardone offer tips on how they balance between their commitment to their children, their high profile business endeavors and each other.

Today they are talking about: HAPPINESS.


People are searching for something they don’t even understand. There are almost 15,000 books on Amazon about Happiness. Pharrell Williams’ CD “Happy” was the best selling album of 2014.

Grant is seeking a meaningful life, not a happy life.

Key differences between meaningfulness and happiness:
1. Getting what you want versus what you need
2. Past, present and future
3. Social life—spending time with family increases meaning; spending time with friends increases happiness
4. Struggles and stress—highly meaningful lives encounter a lot of negative events

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  • Happiness is a Key to success

  • This song just makes me happy listenning to it

  • Started dying the day we were born and I can be happy about that too because I know were I’m going

  • These 2 are so fuuuuny, Grant worked probably just as hard to get Elena as he has worked to start some of his companies, he would never choose the money over her(another episode)He gets the girl  Elena , (who is absolutely Beautiful) , he gets the children now it’s definitely locked in, has a wonderful family, home , career, GRANT CARDONE HAS TO BE ONE OF THE HAPPIEST MEN IN THE WORLD NEXT TO Hugh Hefner 🙂

  • its c t blackmore pko

  • Calvin T. Blackmore and I want to work for you

  • Keep it up awesome guys, you bring “Happy” to the world !!!!

    Elena is awesome and Grant is great !!!

  • Sean

    Only the second time I watched G&E show.  I really like Elena.  What a nice soul!  Yes, I totally agree with you Elena!

  • GrantCardone

    @Sean oh Elena Lyons is going to be so happy to hear this – everyone like Elena

  • GrantCardone

    arvindkumar8008 thanks for watching

  • GrantCardone

    ctblackmorepko when you going to figure that out…

  • GrantCardone
  • chris schaefer

    I always enjoy the show.

  • GrantCardone and ElenaCardone brings energy to life and my life! 🙂

  • My first time watching this show and I had my 3 year old right here watching with me.  You all won him over when you put on “Happy” by Pharrell.  You all are a brilliant and beautiful couple!

  • Fabrysilvia

    Elena giving some great sound advice!

  • Fabrysilvia

    Happiness is a result of getting certain results in life!

  • I agree with Grant 100%

  • RacquelBull

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  • ClausOffersen


    I’m a Danish guy, currently living in the US and I’m happy! Danish people are known for being happy, but why?
    What makes me happy is the opportunities I create for myself and others. Seeing results and learning excites me; when I reflect on myself and share my experiences, people around me gets happy too. In short, what makes me happy is making others happy. 
    I’m sure you get more happy when you create value for others and produce results; again, by making others happy.