Marriage is difficult and sometimes topics can become divisive. Grant and Elena Cardone discuss the recent leak of Cindy Crawford’s unedited photo showing her body in a ‘less than ideal’ state. Is the external perception of the body a problem in our society?

Grant doesn’t think women are being honest when they exclaim they are happy to see a model with a body more like theirs. Do you think Cindy Crawford should not be modeling anymore, or if this is an empowering photo? What about the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photo?

Elena points out that Cindy did not intend for this photo to go public; and also that the magazine that used the photo only used the top portion, which did not show her stomach and had her in a shirt in later photos.

Do you agree with Elena’s side or Grant’s side on this topic?

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  • Takman17

    Your doing great Elena,dealing with Sir Grant is like Herding a Cat,he is all over the place but I love Him!!! but you guys are such a great ying and yang…..

  • LOL this is going to be a good one!

  • I read the Fifty Shades of Grey [email protected], GrantCardone

  • witnation
  • Laszlo Molnar

    #whereisdadick grantcardone #gomarcell

  • Elena Cardone>Cindy Crawford in my humble opinion 🙂

  • Elena still looks young! 🙂

  • marcell hanson

    @grantcardone – I am howling … you are HILARIOUS!

  • marcell hanson

    @elenacardone – keep flushing that toilet … i feel sorry for you LOL

  • Coffee Black

    I got to agree with @grantcardone I don’t want to see that from Cindy Crawford. She is always been beautiful and I really doubt she loves seeing that from her body right now. Who would? We all get scared to age and our bodies are not what they used to be. So you gotta keep kicking ass to maintain your body, relationship, marriage, work, etc. to feel that gratification. Why lower standards??? Sorry @elenacardone!!

  • I agree [email protected], aint nobody trying to see that

  • KatrinVodyanitskaya

    Elena, you’re right! We are all the women and it happens, yes, nobody want to see this but this is life, the aging and I’m sure she didn’t want people see this kind of photo. Of course perfect body on cover it’s better PR than black PR!!! This story shouldn’t happened!!! So she still supermodel because supermodels of 80’s the best like Naomi, Linda, Klaudia, Kristi, Stephanie, today supermodels (2000’s,2010’s) pretty good but not the best. Elena I love your emotions and pink dress)))

  • marcell hanson

    Laszlo Molnar grantcardone (: 10X

  • zepporaht

    True…no one wants to see that. If not, we’ll all go out without makeup. However, Grant is being a little too crass about it.