Husband and wife team Grant and Elena Cardone tackle the subject of how to balance business, marriage and family and 10X them all. Committed to their kids, their business endeavors and their marriage they share what they do to make it all work. Join them every Wednesday at 12pm EST where they live out their motto of “stick and stay it’s bound to pay.”

When the business of marriage and the business of business collide you have to figure out how to get your game on.

Grant and Elena want to thank Vesper Board who sent in an amazing gift. Check them out at

People have been asking Grant to be their mentor, so he set out to write a 1-page exercise and ended up with a 6-page exercise.

The 10X Super Life Pledge Covers:
• Professional Career
• Family Life
• Income
• Financial Wealth
• Physical Life
• Spiritual Life
• Recreational Life

Elena goes over her answers to the pledge and elaborates on certain sections of her 10X Super Life plan.

Listen or watch the full episode to hear all of the awesome insight shared by Grant and Elena Cardone on the 10X Super Life Pledge.

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    Appreciate the Shout Out with the Card and Treats I sent you.  Thanks for all you do and keeping it Real…

  • Definitely one of my favorite shows #G&E #1stLady #GodfatherofSales thanks for bringing value!

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    Y’all need to sign up for this fundraiser I’m doing with Golds [email protected] – Come and 10x Tallanasty

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  • Get FREED Couldn’t agree more with you, this by far is my favorite show!! 10X G&E

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    This show is fire period space space!!

  • BlessingsWide

    If your’e not 10xing your wood is soaked!!

  • BOSS Cardone spittin’ gems as usual #GCTV #GEShow


  • I’ve pledged, I’ve read, I’ve completed my exercise, I watch the videos, meerkats, periscopes and am acting more now than I ever have.
    Am I ready for this afternoon’s webinar #10Xeverything ? YES I AM!




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    Ha she will OWN the team! #10xMindset

  • Love you guys!!!

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    Only Clear drinks on the plane so they don’t mark the upholstery, Isn’t that right GC?

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  • Loved the turnt’ up outro to the show! Great value fam.  Really dug the part about spending time with your kids, even if its 20 minutes of undivided max attention.  #G&EShow #GCTV

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    Dont forget the 10x nap – Thats a hard nap

  • Awesome!

  • Love it! You guys are awesome! Ready to 10x everything!!!! Woot. I’m jacked up, lets roll!
    Thanks grant and Elena !

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    GC thank you so much for taking my call on your show. And for 10x in my scope! You blew it up big guy!! THANK YOU so much. U0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f4a5U0001f4a5U0001f4a5U0001f4a5U0001f4a5U0001f4a5U0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f60e

  • I absolutely love this show!

  • a_p

    Grant! patience with Elena! while i was listening to her when explaining about Sabrina and the summer camp i felt like i was being rushed to explain i imagine how stressed Elena is to explain everything fast, i know the we, females talk a lot but i really like how she explains everything, i identified myself with her….. i love your show! both of you are great!

  • I did not survive an entrepreneur marriage twice! On my third and maybe this time with your tools I can do it! You are right it’s a lot of hard work and when one is super driven you can feel like a water skier fallen off her skis while the spouse just drives on. Being super compatible is my advise, I am happy to say I have that now, very glad my husband introduced me to 10x. Don’t stop this show, it will help entrepreneurs / couples a lot! Much Love Shelley