Branding & Marketing expert Dre Baldwin shares tips for a storage space business how to get more market share through leveraging the internet and social media.

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Dre Baldwin is a former Professional Basketball Player who is now an Entrepreneur: Keynote Speaker on the topics of Social Media, Branding & Marketing, Confidence & Motivation; Author, Salesperson, Coach & Consultant.
Dre Baldwin’s YouTube videos cover basketball training, motivation, confidence, leadership, teamwork, branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
Dre played college basketball at Penn State Altoona and then overseas basketball for 9 years through 8 countries.
Dre has written 5 books and created over 150 basketball training programs.
Dre has been blogging since 2005 and on YouTube since 2006. He is the owner of the “DreAllDay” and “Work On Your Game” brands.


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  • Hi Dre,

    Great show.  My wife and I started a development on the Western Caribbean island of Roatan. We are selling ocean view and waterfront home-sites.  We are also going to build vacation and or retirement homes.  So far our target market has been people nearing retirement that have extra money for a vacation home.  

    We have found that finding people that want to have a home built overseas are a small percentage of the population. Roatan has huge growth potential and has an International airport and 2 cruise ship terminals.  Roatan is surrounded by the 2nd largest coral reef in the world and is a popular dive destination. We have a website and a Facebook and Twitter page.  We also have a listing on some real estate directories as well.  We just need to get in front of the correct audience.  Any tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do Dre.