Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington— founder of As Seen On TV— comes on Confessions of an Entrepreneur and talks about his biggest business regrets. He says he needs two losers to get a winner. A successful guy like Kevin makes a lot of mistakes. To get big takes a lot of risk. One of the things he talks about is that he assumed if he got sales and profits everything will automatically happen. It doesn’t—you have to go and get the money no matter how much money your business is already making. Kevin discusses the fact that many times while he was profitable, he had no cash. Cash flow is the holy grail of business. You have to have capital to finance things. He had 100 million a year in sales and did 8 million in profit—but still had no cash because it was all tied up in inventory and other reinvestments into the business. Everything said, Kevin has no regrets.

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    One of my favorite shows… You cant get this info anywhere else!

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