Today on Confessions of an Entrepreneur Grant Cardone drives with master internet marketer Frank Kern. What is the truth behind Frank Kern? Does he really surf all day? He confesses that he’s not good at selling people in person—he sells from a distance. Frank builds systems that turn advertising into profit. Frank talks about how when people start building their marketing list they neglect the list. How many people sign up for a list if they were told, “we’ll hardly ever communicate with you”?

Three words to remember: HIT THE LIST!

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  • Best one yet ! I like how Kern says his biggest mistake was to not focus on tapping into local businesses with online marketing skills. That was when everything changed for me as well..

  • Jeff Stergo

    You hit the list and I bought, so yeah it’s effective.

    Side note: This guy reminds me of people I grew up with. Awesome stuff.

  • Kangenteamgpm

    Frank seems like a cool guy, but he just has so much bad media on him, hard to tell!

  • Drewnewb

    This series is so good, I feel guilty I haven’t bought anything from Grant yet with the value I’m getting from these videos.
    Frank Kern is a legend. His gift is speaking I believe, or writing copy, but he makes these super complex marketing concepts seem like an idiot can do it and idiots like me who barely graduated high school are actually making money online selling products because of it! The man is a Jenious with the capitol J as he says.

    Kern is all about the money, no doubt.  He gives people who are afraid to sell the ability to ask for money and know they are helping someone when they ask!