Often times we get comfortable in one place for too long. I move around to create opportunities and always remain focused on growth. Many people ask me, “how to increase their salaries, how to increase income?” My answer is always the same: blow up your space now and find increase there. In order to do this you must be willing to give up something. What are you willing to give up and sacrifice now in order to gain future increases? In my working world, I do things that others thought were beneath them, I sat with key players and asked to be coached – I beefed up my own knowledge and abilities so that I can become valuable in my current space. Once the value was showcased, I asked. We always forget the ask.

In today’s show we focus on increase and how to create more by doing more, giving more and learning more. In life, it’s all about making more room for increase. Remain uncomfortable.

  • JoshuaBerube

    Hey hey. Grear content. but why aren’t your new episodes being pushed to podcast players? I’M on podcast republic, and I only get your first 7 or 8 shows.. I even downloaded stitcher and it has the same amount. I need to listen to you at work!

  • CAnthonyHarris1

    Yes, Yes, Yes,
    Stacy you are the best and the content is worth sharing. I have shared this show with all my database and they must know about YOU.

    I love, admire & respect you.


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    Thank you so much for your feedback and engagement – I appreciate it so much

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