For most people the American Dream turned into a never ending nightmare – A lifetime of hard work and nothing to show for it. The gap has further widen, and the American middle class is left without a boat, bridge or rope – let alone support to create financial freedom. Martin Matthews, a financial professional of Atlanta is passionate about providing information and resources that will fill the gap. His purpose followed him from Liberia (West Africa) to America in search of answers to the question, “What makes poor people poor and rich people rich” and “How does rich people think.” During his quest he discovered his life’s mission: making America Financially Literate.

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  • Shivhon

    Awesome show!

  • SwinfordMatthew

    Great stuff Stacy!!!

  • SwinfordMatthew Thank you for watching! All is appreciated.

  • Shivhon I agree! More need to know how money works in this country. #JFK

  • AdamJago

    Stacy rocks!!! MM has a great story and message! That’s great Grant Cardone has shows like this on his channel. Mad Respect.

  • AdamJago Thank you Adam, appreciate the views and comment! When you have the opportunity share it .. would love to see this message blow uP!

  • SwinfordMatthew Matthew! Your awesome, thank you for watching  – I appreciate it more than you know. #TheComfortKillers