• lainey237

    Powerful and important message!  Love the energy and wit 🙂

  • lainey237 Thank you my friend! I appreciate the feedback and will do whatever it takes to provide FIRE here each week!

  • Well done … You’re going places (but you already know that)!

    Leslie Robert Wolfe, ThunderAccessNews.com

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  • LeslieRobertWolfe Your BIO is pure genius my friend! Thanks for watching! Remain uncomfortable, Stacy

  • SherwayneM

    This was great! I needed to hear this. I’m gonna join the website and lead you on social media. Definetly gonna order a wrist band so I can catch myself throughout the day. 
    Thank you Stacy

  • TAtells

    stacyacross  I love it Stacy. I love the fact that you’re friggin’ scared as heck at the same time as strong as you can be. You’re demonstrating uncomfortable right before our eyes, and my gosh it’s going to be a roller coaster but rest assured I’m up at 0430 right along with you killing comfort, no cable, no safety net too. Here’s what I learned: Your mission is to TEACH a million people how to be uncomfortable, not to MAKE them uncomfortable. Letting go of control of your client’s success and realizing that their success depends on them is the lesson I’m journeying toward. 
    You’re on that Robert Greene, Power train. I’m on the Robert Greene, Mastery train. Great minds think alike and you’re on my radar. Keep killing it Stacy. 
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    #grantcardonetv Its a truly amazing place to to get all the motivation and strategies.
    #stacyacross thecomfortkillers  watched your show,,,, I mean… WoW, what an energy & passion have you transferred in me. Thank you so much. Impressed & Inspired. You may like to transfer more energy by sending me T-Shirts and Bands…. I’ve my own journal but would like to use yours too 🙂

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  • TAtells How awesome are you? Thank you so much for allowing great synergy to take place. Wait until you see what we have in store!

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    MuhammadSamarGulzar thecomfortkillers  Thanks.

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