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Today Grant, the godfather of commerce, is talking about Your Pitch.

Because if you want money, you want a career, your want your income right—sooner or later you’re making a pitch. Whether it’s to your neighbor or to Wall Street, you’re going to need to make a pitch to make a deal.

Assume you only have 30-seconds to pitch.

Get this pitch down to 40 words.

How to Form Your Pitch:
1. What do you want to get done?
2. What do you want them to remember?
3. How do you want to hook them?
4. What do you want them not to hear?

Watch the whole episode and listen to the podcast to hear all of the caller’s pitches and how Grant helps them learn to dominate.

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    grantcardonetv Dude thanks so much for going over this topic. I already implemented these concepts in writing down and editing my pitch. I am a DJ and Contemporary Architect in the Arts District, Los Angeles. It hasn’t even been a day since this show aired and I already acquired a project thanks to your advice.
    [email protected]
    PS. Great seminar in North Hollywood last week!

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    Awesome segment….key points
    1.) What do you want the person to hear?
    2.) What do you want them to remember?
    3.) What is your hook?
    4.) What do you want to avoid?
    Look at it as a commercial. Have the pitch down to 30 seconds. Create urgency with your pitch and control the conversation. Must get the hook so you can land the “catch”.

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    Amazing segment!!….. Very profound points. My pitch is I sell clip in hair extensions called “Clip in Mix ” for all ethnicity ‘s!!! A good hair day everyday!?#ClipInMix!!!

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    Too many people pitch product, product, product, its all me, me, me and me. Forget that  – The person you are pitching probably doesn’t care about you, pitch the benefit, the reward and what you can and will do for them. Sales then becomes much easier.

  • Quite too often has our society demonized the words persuasion, manipulation, influence and even the word sales have all become a four-letter word in our society. In other countries a salesman is someone to be looked up to but in our country they are looked on as some kind of a scam artist. Sure when these words or the meaning of them are used for evil then they are bad words but when they are used for good and to promote a good product or service then it makes it easier to convey a message and get everybody on the same playing field. I tried to craft words of persuasion into my pitch to better get the message across. I think by studying the art of persuasion and the science of a sale and then applying those to not only your pitch but the total sale is the best and easiest way to a successful outcome.