In this episode of “Cardone Zone” Grant reveals the truth about inflation and what you should do about it.

According to Grant, the Federal Reserve is lying to us about inflation. Since we have no control over the cost of items and how our money is being de-valued, earning more money is the only solution for you and your family.

In order to protect yourself, Grant offers some important tips and principles to keep in mind:

1. Don’t trust the fed
2. Inflation is a thief
3. 10X everything except spending
4. Forget about the mediocre mind-set of “I’m all good”

Today is not the day to be comfortable—be on guard, be on-attack and dominate your space.

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  • JoLynnBraley

    “You cannot attain freedom when you settle for comfort.” GrantCardone True! Reminds me of what Richard Bandler has said, that “Wars have been fought by those who want to stay in their comfort zone”.
    And also this: “Greatness does not occur in one’s comfort zone”…. I’ve proven this to myself! But I’m not Hiding Out in my comfort zone any longer. Thanks Grant!