Grant Cardone offers insights and advice to help the middle class break out and achieve true freedom in business, career and finance. Each week NY Times best selling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur and international sales expert Grant Cardone focuses on matters affecting the middle class. Whether it’s jobs and careers, finance, entrepreneurship, Grant’s real, raw in-your-face delivery serves as a wake up call for anyone ok with just being comfortable. The Cardone Zone is like no other business show presently on air. After one viewing you’ll be inspired to make success your duty, responsibility and obligation as you break free of the middle class and break into true freedom.

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    I’m Cassandra Smith and I’m 17 years old in San Diego, California. I wanted to address if you had any knowledge of this marketing company called Vector. Their product consists of “Cutco”(which I heard was over priced kitchen knives). There are a few located in Florida. Basically what it provides is hiring ridiculously amounts of students to sell Cutco. I have done research myself and many reviews have been lack of guidance, fast pacing, cold calling, door to door selling & inflexible schedules. In the back of my head as I view these, I’m think that these students just want everything handed to them & this is the perfect place to practice the skill of selling. However my only concern is this company is highly known for being a scam, due to their interviewing process & targeting massive amounts of students (17+) but it perceives to be a good practice field for selling, should I trust them in investing my time & money?

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    Grant, What do you think about agricultural property??

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    CassieSmith27 One of Grant’s top guys worked for Vector.

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    Grant you are so right on! Thank you G! Reality sometimes isn’t fun.

  • The best piece of financial advice I ever heard was in the Millionaire Booklet. One sentence changed my life.

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    The last thing we can do in this economy is retreat. Invest in yourself.

  • GC is schooling me today..and I love it

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    man i missed the live one, if anybody wanna network contact me 9419320860! im on my way to becoming a sales ninja with cardoneu! i just wanna meet more like minded people!

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    im so glad im into digital marketing
    and invested in myself and brought your courses

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    My thought is that if you are going to dump all your stocks you should never have been in stocks.  By the way the UK is going to lower their corporate tax rate to 15% the lowest rate in the world.  Further, the UK is taking steps  add more liquidity and will not be raising their interbank lending rate anytime soon and they will be cutting them.  So, with interest rates melting on CDS, bank accounts and savings accounts you are better off in dividend paying stocks.  Cash is the worst place to keep your money because over time it losses value.  Just an added thought below:

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    what a wake up call uncle g

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    This is an opportune time to buy UK property securities.

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    Man Mr. Cardone, I never say the streaming of this content, till now, and I can say, Lordy Lordy., this is Good, It’s Bad Ok, we either Confront it or eventually we are going to have to suck it up, soon.
    And I don’t think, it’s bad news, it’s the just the knowledge of your ability to see, for what you have learn, observe, confront, and then ” You had Handle” in your life and, today you’re sharing.