Interested in being super-rich? Are you sick of having red and green days on the stock market roller coaster?

​Get in the zone of wealth as ​Grant Cardone reveals his secret to long-term wealth in three simple words: Income Producing Properties.

​With over ​​$350 million dollars worth of real estate in his portfolio, Grant discusses three reasons why these properties are smart investments:

1. Dependable income stream
2. Can multiply the asset value through leverage
3. It creates multiple cash flow with low cost of debt

​Listen to ​Grant explain why you need the bank​, ​break down all the numbers​, t​ell you where to start​, ​how much you need to get started​ and more….​

Your dependable income stream can start today!

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    indestructible wealth building – i am so sold on this idea!!! i am COMMITTED!

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    Grant this is how you play the market its nearly Bulletproof Portfolio. It’s by Ray Dalio the best hedge fund guy in the game. He is said to have his net worth of 15 Billion dollars allocate in this fashion.'ios-all-weather-portfoli-uMu9biGT#/performance. It ate that 10% drop in the market within a month. Do your homework on this.

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  • Takman17

    Great Show!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Great show GC!  There is nothing like depositing a stack of rent checks at the beginning of the month 🙂
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    “Best Wholesale Real Estate Deals in South Florida” –

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    Grant can you do a show dedicated to a step by step process for multi family? including how to do the due diligence. and at the end about financing.?and how to truly hunt for properties, how do you judge and get that “gut feeling” you talk about.  i would love to see this i have been wanting this for a long time now