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How to Ripoff the IRS:
1. Every person should be taking 9 exemptions.
2. You DO NOT want refunds. Don’t overpay the IRS.
3. You need to know the law for expenses.
4. Write off anything and everything you can legally.

“To play the tax game, you need cash flow.” – GC

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    Professor Cardone!

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    Grant… this is an old episode.

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    Love this! This tax advice is gold! A series to watch numerous times!

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    I always enjoy listening to Grant.. He is great Info-Tainment.. sold info, always pushing me, and keeps me motivated.

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    Both me and wife make 130K a year at our jobs. Would we both need to take the 9 exemptions and get the network marketing business? Dont want to send up any red flags.

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    BryantMoran This isnt live?

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    curtisj55 I wish I would have heard this when I was working a job.. I would have done all this.. I rather spend tax money on something my family can use instead of paying taxes..