Did you know there are 4 levels of work? Grant Cardone explores each and urges people not to fall for poverty traps and the myth of the middle class.

Grant starts the show with some scary statistics:
• 50 Million Americans are under poverty line.
• 74% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

He explains that the government puts trillions of dollars into providing aid for people –a trap that keeps them impoverished. He suggests a redistribution of funds.

A caller asks how best to find a mentor. Grant suggests writing down the names of 4 people you admire and then call them write them and ask for 5 minutes of their time. You just want a nugget of wisdom. If they agree to meeting you, listen to what they have to say in those 5 minutes.

Grant also discusses the 4 levels of work which are:

The 4 Levels of Work
You work because…
1. You have to! (Survival)
2. Advancement
3. Refusal to go backwards.
4. You made it and truly love it.

Grant tells everyone never to accept assistance and “what you take you get made into.”

  • Don Ramon Tequila

    Grant, Quality Video and Download speed, No good. Don Ramon Tequila. keep it up!!!!

  • JoLynnBraley

    I’m a weight loss mindset expert and one of the main reasons my step-by-step proven system to struggle-free weight loss works is because it’s based on Universal Laws. It’s weight loss from the inside out (the only want to achieve weight loss without self-sabotage, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, etc.)
    BUT I DO understand (and teach) that the whole point of Taking Action to achieve inner alignment with the results you want on the outside with your body is so that it becomes struggle-free for you to Take Action to live a healthy lifestyle. And it DOES take Action in order to shift yourself on the inside (“thinking about it” will never give you The Results of struggle-free weight loss).
    And then….after my clients Take Action to release their inner self-sabotage and inner struggles….. they easily Take Action Consistently to live a healthy lifestyle, to get the body they want. 
    This is the biggest problem with the video The Secret: they made it sound like all you have to do is meditate and think positively. This is not true. The mind does lead the body (the body is nothing without the mind), but you DO need to take action with both your mind and your body to create your ideal body. 
    In the end, you’re golden when you’re taking massive action AND you’re not sabotaging yourself in any way. Then you’re All Systems Go – no more struggle, no more Fears holding you back.
    Thanks GrantCardone  You Rock!