Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone brings news of a coming recession. It’s been 8 years since the last major recession and Grant says we are in another one. When there is cranes in the air, beware. Stay away from real estate right now. Sell your house. It’s too late when the hurricane hits. When the contraction happens its too late. When everyone is running to the door nobody can get out. Go to the door now. This will be deep, ugly, and long. It will effect you. Intel laid off a bunch of people this week. This will continue. Boeing is cutting jobs. There is 1.3 trillion dollars in college debt in this country. Grant went to the bank to get a bunch of money out and it took him 3 meetings and a week to get his money out. What will you do when there is a bank run and you can’t get your money out? How to protect yourself from recession: Get prepared.

1) Don’t wait for it to get here operate like it is here now. Out work everyone now as though the contraction is fully here.
2) Stop ALL spending except on those things that can increase income. Do NOT spend to consume; spend only to increase income.
3) Keep your firewood dry and add to it. Accumulate cash—wood for your fire—at all cost and spend nothing, preparing to invest when real assets get cheaper (they will). Prepare to steal when the market capitulates (throws up). Build your fire so big others stare in amazement.
4) Do whatever it takes to increase income. Take on other income opportunities to increase your monthly income and save it all.
5) Learn ‘how’ think rather than ‘why’ think and act like an entrepreneur. That means sales, marketing, negotiating, follow up, and branding.

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    Yes Grant Cardone! 🙂

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    Grant, Tell us the story about your call to the bank last week to withdraw money.

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    when ultimate job interview drops G-unit?

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    If you need contact center software to boost your business and 10x your productivity go to or contact me on my direct line (818)337-6360 twitter jasontevis

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    HomeSecurityKowboy here. What can we do to prepare for the next recession? I’m already investing in some agriculture property and land in Montana.The land in Montana is already making me money as well.

  • romi289

    ****The Recession is REAL!!*** Uncle G! I’m up here in the Bronx! Lost my JOB and joined a company in hopes of making the money I need to fund my real estate goals. I need to know how to rock marketing a Roadside Service on a $150 a week income.

  • jasontevis

    HomeSecurityKowboy If you need contact center software to boost your business and 10x your productivity go to or contact me on my direct line (818)337-6360 twitter jasontevis

  • Recession is Opportunity: Straight from “If You’re NOT First, You’re Last” #GCTV #CardoneZone

  • Chiheb Bouhanaf That’s right man

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    Oh No! That’s my business Grant.  I rehab houses.

  • The best part about missing last week’s WIT episode is that I get to watch 2 episodes tonight! BOOM!

  • NON 10X People Are Stupid

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    People are stupid!

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    haha. Uncle G is so funny. Wesley Riojas

  • Great program

  • Powerful show. Grant Cardone Will Be the Next Billionaire.

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    Yes is true people are stupid and there are more stupid people than smart and that is why democracy is wrong because stupid people make decisions

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    Grant, what are your thoughts on doing a credit repair before we hit the recession?

  • Damn that is good stuff bro.  GOLD!

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    Develop Discipline that puts you first! Golden Bomb [email protected]

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    Does this mean all the luxury industries fail?

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    Grant! Can’t get in on the line… buzz me 720-509-9060

  • I love this Show. Mr. Grant Cardone Will be the Next Mega Billionaire.

  • JonathanLongoria I don’t think so. Luxury industry increased last recession. The wealthy are the ones buying luxury.

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  • Caller, there is no magic bullet.

  • People are not smart.

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    If this fund doesnt operate like a hedge fund, but like a mutual, you’re screwed.

  • There is no magical algorithm for investing.

  • Chiheb Bouhanaf HA HA HA

  • How do you feel about paying down debt doing recession?

  • ChipDisk Pay it down…and get your credit right.

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    uncle g call me I’m 15 and wan a pitch you + 44 7847 548614

  • Steff Allen He ain’t calling you brother…in order to give you an opportunity to pitch. Keep trying the phones…that’s how it works.

  • BronsonDigital LOL! Agreed….

  • ChaddNaugle There’s an opportunity for you there….when people start defaulting…and the bank takes it over, you can go in and fix their REO and foreclosed homes.

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    Thanks for the love Grant. My company is all about your messages which is why we follow you religously because you know what the real deal is!

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  • Uncle G Money – You jack me up everyday.  I love Cardone U.  Going through “Master the Cold Call”.  Always dropping bombs.

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    Uncle G, the hail storm in Dallas and San Antonio last week was the real deal. 1.4 Billy in damage in San Antonio alone!

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    people are stupid uncle G


    Thanks Grant. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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    Come on Grant you know Prince was sacrificed you are smarter than that

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    Grant!!! Warning!!! I work for a trucking company and the trucking industry has been struggling last year so much!!!! and it’s only getting worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!