What does the number 2592 mean? It’s the median wage in America—$25.92 an hour. If you make in the middle, you’ll get left behind. You don’t want to be in the middle. Wages went up 10 cents and CNBC acted like this was a big deal. You have to get your money right. Make at least $2400 a week, that’s $60 an hour, $9600 a month. If you’re not going to get rich, be in poverty. Grant went to game 7 of World Series in Cleveland. There were more Cubs fans in Jacobs Field than Indians fans. If you need to sell your tickets for $5,000 in the World Series, you have no business buying season tickets. You have no business spending 50 days going to baseball games all season when you could be making money. There are 325 million people and just 124 million are employed. 37% of Americans that can work, don’t. There are 1.3 million minimum wage jobs. You must set a higher target. Any average person can make $25.62. The truth is, $25.92 an hour is the death zone.
1.How do you make money?
2.How do you keep it?
3.How do you multiply it?
Get your finances right so you can spend $5,000 a ticket to game 7 of the World Series.

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