Every Friday Grant Cardone talks money, finance, and business on the Cardone Zone. Today Grant takes callers and talks about building wealth. What is the only reason to save money? To invest it. 70% of America has to use debt to fund their monthly activities. Most people don’t have an investing plan they just have a job plan. Make a decision to become a millionaire. Reinforce it every day. If you are in poverty or just getting by it’s a condition that you’ve created and reinforced every day. The money is out there, there is no shortage. Who’s got your money? You need to learn how to get money.

Really there are just threes steps you need to get rich:

1)Learn to get money

2)Learn to keep money

3)Learn to multiply money

Most people can’t get past step 1. There are many people that get stuck at step 2. Look, it’s easy to have 15 minutes of fame but you have to be able to keep it. If you get a spouse, you have to know how to keep him or her. Getting is one thing, keeping it is another. After you learn to get money and keep it—THEN you can start multiplying it.

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Make a decision to become a millionaire.

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    preshow, to the zone.

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  • Hey Uncle G! Happy Father’s Day wknd brother!

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    right near the beach.

  • Atanas Vasilev

    Hey how can I get the translated version (bulgarian) of the millionaire booklet?

  • Thomas

    Hey Uncle G i wanna thank you very much for your last weeks recommendation. Even though the course “Ethics & Conditions” is free, it really opened my eyes and already changed some things in my life. Thank you so very much.

  • GC servin heat as always

  • beeznutzstl

    @GrantCardone  Jay Z said it best, ” I can’t help the poor if I am one of them, so I got rich, and gave back, to me thats a win, win. “

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    Greetings from Malaysia, Grant. I hope that you would elect my Bahasa translation for the Millionaire Booklet

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    ************~~~~~~~~~~~`   UNCLE  G!!!!!
     You a BEAST!!!!

    I love u Man…
        You Saved My Life in More Ways than u think!

    Thanx G

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    Great day of ALL DAYS to finally watch #GCLIVE #whiteboardpitch whooopi #Leggo

  • RogerBickley

    ************~~~~~~~~~~~`   UNCLE  G!!!!!
     You a BEAST!!!!

    I love u Man…
        You Saved My Life in More Ways than u think!

    Thanx G
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    Grant, give us an example of satellite business or investment. 
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    Commercial Finance

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    What up Grant! We’re here in the office listening to you right now

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    What up GRANT! Here at the Oakbrook PHP Agency, Inc office watching you right now. You’re absolutely right…gotta GET IT so you can INVEST it!

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  • Love you Grant.  I cant get enough of your advice, perfect timing for my new website development company Iskatel http://www.iskatel.co.uk  Im in rich mode, not bitch mode.  Alex from the UK 🙂

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    Hi G

  • Dexter

    Would you advise taking my 400k profit (4 years) from my primary residence by selling it and buying multifamily unit?  Then renting as my primary residence.

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    Awesome, great job Grant

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    The market was down 150 points today and I bought blue chip dividend paying stocks.

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