With 93.1% of small businesses earning annual revenues of less than $250k and 57.1% with revenues of less than $25k, it pays to understand why small businesses are failing. Obviously, every business is unique, but there are some common causes for disaster.

On this week’s episode, Grant discusses the five reasons (below) that businesses are flopping and how to avoid this pitfall:

Small Business Blunders

1) No one knows who you are
2) You are too small
3) Don’t grow fast enough
4) Don’t invest enough money
5) Don’t make money

Grant also goes one-on-one with callers and teaches them about the importance of acting like a business owner.

Finally, Grant invites viewers to sign-up for the Kick Start Your Small Business Interactive Webinar with Grant Cardone & Fran Tarkenton
If you are thinking about starting a business, just started a new business, or want to grow your business…..Don’t miss this LIVE Video Webcast on October 21st where two completely self made legends show YOU how to take your small business from survive to thrive!

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  • David Flores

    Grant you should come to Phoenix the market is always hot! Id love to work for you for FREE Grant! I have to much respect for you!

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    The World’s ONLY #Digital Firm who has worked with the Biggest names in The World. Our Resume is massive.

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