As ISIS terrorizes the planet, Missouri has a rampage killing, yet the American mind is occupied by the color of a dress—which is the most trending topic, even being discussed online by celebrities, politicians and in less than a few hours had 28 million views. This is why American’s are broke.

“We get you back in the zone, winning, skinning, spittin’ and grinnin’.” – GC

Grant Cardone’s most important contribution in life is the ability to help others. And this show is about getting out of the middle class.

Elizabeth Warren is suggesting that the American Government has the way out for the middle class. She says, “The middle class is in trouble because of deliberate policy choices made by Washington. And that means we can make changes here in Washington.”

Grant explains his take on the idea of the political parties, the stock market, interest rates, housing, and all of the other components involved in the actual income for the majority of Americans. He explains that there are traps that have nothing to do with the government or your job.

$109,000 puts you in the top 10% of earners in America.

Middle Class Traps:
• Eat everything on your plate
• Save your money
• Get a good education
• Make good grades
• Get a good job
• Play it safe
• Don’t talk to strangers
• Buy a house
• Get a retirement account
• Work hard
• Be Careful
• Don’t talk about money
• Don’t blow your own horn
• Don’t rent
• Don’t waste money
• Don’t speak unless spoken to
• Don’t talk to strangers
• Can’t sit with the grown ups
• A penny saved is a penny earned
• Mind your own business
• Mind your manners
• If you can’t afford it don’t buy it
• Fly under the radar
• Set ‘reasonable’ expectations
• Mind your own business
• You get what you pay for
• It’ll all work out
• Be patient
• Settle on your successes
• Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Rather than spending any time wondering about what the government is going to do, spend it on your pitch, your think, your mindset, and what you are going to do with your life.

How To Escape:
1. Make money
2. Increase income
3. Stash money
4. Put that money in something that cannot be destroyed when you know more about investing

Article: Warren & Cummings: Free the middle class

“Middle class is a mythology to keep the poor in line, having them think they have escaped being at the bottom.” – GC

Spend time with your whole family getting out of the middle class thoughts.

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  • ErickaSWilliams

    Sorry Middle class needs to grab a EIN number and get some tax writeoffs to get A BUNCH OF THEIR money BACK. less taxes. 1/3 of your income is eaten up by the taxes. Refocus your energy on what you can do to get your income up and then GET ASSETS. Immigrants are coming here every single day and buying up assets. Anything is possible.  Books, BOOKs, BOOKS, pay for the best mentorship you can afford AND IMPLEMENT what they tell you. I know people reading a million books addicted to the information but did not implement it.  AUDIO Books no excuse to not read.

  • You gotta Smile NOW before you’re rich! Don’t wait until you’re rich to smile. GrantCardone  This is Sooooooo True! BE the rich woman or rich man NOW before you’ve got the bank in your bank account. Smile while you’re taking massive action to create your Super Life.

  • AlSpencer

    ErickaSWilliams Yes, I’m starting for my company now for those write offs. Are you on Fb, im looking of guidance on how to get the right accountant. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome episode Grant! You are absolutely right on why society is broke and how to get out of the middle class!

  • ErickaSWilliams

    AlSpencer ErickaSWilliams  hope to see you there.