This week on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone asks the question: How does the recession effect you? You are not being given the right information, and Grant is concerned about you.

The economist talk to the top 1%, not you. You need to know what your condition is before you can fix your condition. Adjusted for inflation, real household income is not increasing and you are getting squeezed. Wages are being deflated, cost of living is being inflated. Nobody has money to save or invest because they have nothing left over. 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Get your income above 104K The only people that can save much is the top 10%. Commit to increase your income. The Middle class is shrinking and getting punished.

How would you get from 52k to 104K. Join a network marketing company, start a side business, and find a vehicle where you can attach yourself to the revenue!

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  • TheloniousCJ

    I been trying to call in since 11:40am…Please answer!

  • The recession is here, GC.  Obviously, I see another QE injection coming which will further crash the economy again. #GCTV #CardoneZone

  • Ernie Velasquez

    HELLO UNCLE G!! I dont think the recession effects us as an Individual?

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Tell us Grant how does this effect us Baby$$$$

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Right Uncle G – that is why I’m putting my $$ into MF Apartments and doing my research as well as due diligence to make sure I find the right Apart Units!!

  • Ernie Velasquez


  • Ernie Velasquez

    I am starting  GC Construction company taking Roof jobs that BiG companies are turning down because they cant afford their Deductibles$$ Then with the $$$ i put away invest it into MF Apartments!!

  • ErickaSWilliams

    I would start a landscaping company, construction company, painting company, social media manager, photography (2000-4000 average for weddings), lots of opportunity there. I have been telling folks we are in a recession but when you live in texas NO one believes that.