Grant Cardone fought a category 4 Hurricane and is back in the studio talking about how budgets don’t work. Was a hurricane in your budget this year? Most people don’t have an emergency budget but you need one, yet the only way to make a budget work is to out produce it. You can’t predict everything that is going to happen. Budgets keep little people little and scared people scared. Quit starting conversations about saving money and start moving the ball downfield and think income.

Budgets don’t work because:
1. They cause you to contract.
2. You can’t predict everything in a budget.

Grant uses the 95/5 rule. Spend 95% of your time on income and 5% on expenses. Control yourself if you have to but your problem is not enough money coming in. Why will people override the budget when there is an emergency, but won’t spend when there is a great idea that will cost money and take things over budget? Break your budget to expand!

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  • CarlosCastellanos2

    Looking forward to the post Hurricane Matthew episode with GC. Reading to learn and apply.

  • Watching Grant’s hour of power!

  • Truth: Budgets don’t work. Proof: Think about all the times you got a raise and still don;t have any money. Budgets always grow to income.

  • Mancho

    Cordone, your animal is octopus. Mine is a sqirel, coz they hustle all the time. The wake up and say , whos got my nuts bitch ,;)

  • Mancho

    They got speed man…

  • wrcosentino

    @Mancho that’s hilarious!!!

  • wrcosentino

    MrMickeyHouse True story.  Most make a dollar and spend two.  Assbackwards!