On today’s episode Grant discusses the art of cold calling. It’s necessary and unavoidable for everyone at some point in their lives—especially for entrepreneurs.

As long as you need something in business — more clients, a permit, a loan or a favor, you will have to get to the right person, get their attention and convince them to take action.

Tune-in and watch Grant role play with various callers and critique their cold calling pitches. Grant offers tons of valuable information to make your cold call a successful one:

Here are a few tips to master the cold call:
1. Be confident
2. Open with your reason for calling
3. Offer a bold claim early in the call

Cold calling is one of those things an entrepreneur must learn to master. The sooner you start to cold call as a way to promote your business, the better off you will be.

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    Question: Do you try to build any kind of rapport when cold calling? thanks!

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    Cold Calling Questions:
    1) Is permission based questions necessary? For example “Is it okay if I share some information with you?”
    2) Are questions necessary (to get them “comfortable” or to get them “to talk”)? For example “Have you ever lost a deal because a mortgage fell through?”
    3) Any specifics for mortgage lender cold calling on Realtors for referrals? 
    4) If cold calling for Realtor referrals, is it ok to ask for referral on the first call or is it better to just get an appointment and continue with face-to-face?

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    Cold Calling works, every-time, if not, then you do have your pitch.  Watch the Pitch from Young Hustlers.


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    When you get a cell phone of an executive and you want to text them, what is the best single text to send to get their attention?

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    Most people take action to stop fear. The Successful take action in spite of fear.  

    Don’t be most people, don’t let fear be your master……

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    Thanks for asking. I own Raleigh Printing & Graphics. We provide a large variety of printed marketing materials, direct mail services, signs, and custom logo and web design. What business are you in?
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