Every Friday Grant Cardone brings you the Cardone Zone, and today he talks about 7 indicators that suggest the economic window is starting to tighten and close. This isn’t to scare you but to get you ready. The Government wants inflation. They collect more income when inflation happens. For you, saving money is not your problem. You have to learn how to get attention and sell. What if people were chasing money as much as Pokemon? Add strategy and skills to your hustle. Recession proof your income for when you can’t produce any more income. Something bad is going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. Bad things aren’t in your budget.
Here are 7 indicators to keep in mind:

1. Personal income tax receipts are off 11.3% from last year.
2. Corp income tax receipts are down 16%
3. Fed excise taxes are down 0.8%
4. State sales tax up only 2.5%, lowest level in 3 years
5. Federal income tax fell 17% in June
6. Job opening have fallen
7. Wage growth is negative

These are the worst earning reports in 5 quarters. Venezuela is falling apart. Their problems make America look good. The stock market is a complete hoax—a casino. It’s time to get your money right. Get Grant’s Playbook today, because the Millionaire is the new middle class. www.grantcardoneplaybook.com

  • doberman1

    Disagree with phone call that gold/silver means nothing. Several billion people of the world would gladly exchange their goods/services for gold or silver. It’s simply metal money.

  • JohnDMD

    I dont think stock market is a suckers game, its suckers game for those who dont know what theyre doing. ive been making consistent income trading the markets, Education is the most important part, i studied with livetraders.com . Most people just open a account and randomly buy, rather than learning

  • BCdude

    doberman1 Just wait for when China reveals their gold backed currency in the not too distant future.

  • EveWoodley

    All you said is such a truth!
    Am seeing it all around, me. It’s a fact we need to understand, then, get in the study and learning about it.
    And then, Apply apply apply.
    What it’s?
    Grant Cardone! Make your money right!
    The idea of creating more, real state building is awesome, Grant!
    I just tuck a walk around Harlem NY, and had this ideal dream scene to get, my wishes to come through:
    How Could I Get a Couple of Building with Severals Doors, in the future – Right Now.
    Good job, Grant Cardone!
    I loves you, too!

  • David Kap

    I am convinced that Grant Cardone has supernatural powers.

    Go to 23:00 watch him lift his hand and without touching it, all the books by his laptop fall one at a time.

    Either it was a funny coincidence or he went 10X on the Telekinesis.