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    Half way through BOBA, and Uncle G is still spitting gold. Great motivation! I am more amped than ever.
    Big thanks to Uncle G and company!
    Jeremy W.

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    When do I get the book delivered?

  • This book is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    GrantCardone Not received my book yet. How do I check on the status of delivery. I finished the book via Audible though. #boba

  • Good Morning….. I have my coffee…. I’m ready to be read to !!!!


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    You thaMan

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    So far the book is as amazing as I had hoped. And then some!

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    Good afternoon everyone

  • DennisLarkin Good afternoon Dennis

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    Good Morning Uncle G GrantCardone from ultimate_seal ! Got the Playbook, ordered 10X kit and #BOBA recently and I’m fired up! About to feed my Obsessions…

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    DennisLarkin Good afternoon Dennis

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    Good afternoon from West Palm Beach FL.  Let’s ROCK n’ ROLL baby!!!!!!

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    GrantCardone G-School is in session : )

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    Frank from Kansas Let’s do this !

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    Good afternoon everyone, all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean!!!  #BOBA  Already obsessed, never average!!!  Let’s Do This!!!

  • GrantCardone , i’m ready for ya man!

  • great day to you all 10xers!

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    Hello Uncle G

  • GC, Just finished the book this afternoon, It is definitely going in my top favs on my book shelf. GrantCardone #10x

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    Afternoon from Jacksonville!

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    Good Afternoon Sir. I am anxiously waiting for the book to arrive.

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    Good Morning from Sunny Southern California!

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  • Uncle G what up we are ready

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    LOVED the book. Getting the visual bonus? Priceless. I appreciate your ingenuity. Freakin OBSESSED.

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    Hello everyone… From Trinidad…

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    Good afternoon everybody, from Toronto, Canada!

  • Having awesome day… hey everyone…

  • Review: If you are not first, your last!

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    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill!

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    Review  10 Pillars of wealth by Alex Becker

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    Good Obsessed day!

  • Can’t wait to get my book!  Pre-ordered, not yet received!  Hoping to get it by tomorrow so I can read it on the airplane.

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  • Almost as in book “Bridge Across Forever”

  • THAT WAS MA$$$$ivE GC, Elena Cleaning her Glock! #BOOM #BOBA

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    Good afternoon from Toronto as well (Etobicoke)

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    Get you chicks right Uncle G…please 🙂

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    the audio is out of sync

  • what’s Big Robert Syslo!! 🙂

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    ctblackmorepko  you’re welcome! Glad to have you in the FB group!

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    Hello all from Manchester, UK, ready to go

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    Join your fellow obsessed 10xers in the #BOBA mastermind group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/101287767012433/

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    Hello from Bulgaria! What is UPPP?

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  • lmaaooo 🙂

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    It is all about being you……………… never compromise who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uncle G got more energy than guys half his age – Obsession makes you younger!

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    Quote of the Day: 2Its better to be Obsessed on Asteroids than on hemorrhoids”

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    Lil Command And Conquer

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    Guys, what happened with the coaching sessions? Is that the thing?


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    Hi from Romania!

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    @Andreea_D Are you a girl?

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    I am the female Grant Cardone. I feel your pain. People try and settle me down all the time. I’m tired of it. I appreciate you convincing the world our passion is positive. Thank you for Obsessed. This book will positively influence many generations to come. I loved every sentence. The video reading was fantastic. You mentioned reviewing a book upon suggestion? How about one of mine, How To Be A SEX GOD, Make Women Worship You. I teach men what women truly desire. As a bi-sexual woman I have secret intel men do not naturally come by.  Your fans would benefit. http://www.SpiesGirls.com (50% affiliate fee) xoxo Miki GrantCardone

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    wtf 😛

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    ctblackmorepko You are obsessed!

  • imaginemystrobe ctblackmorepko YES SIR , I AM AM OBSESSED WITH LIFE, I’M HAPPY YOU NOTICED. THANK YOU



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  • I love it !!………………

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    Oh wow it went back to the beginning.. What went wrong…

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    I’m having the same trouble, keeps going back to “click here to watch” and log in again but still says the same thing


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    GrantCardone I have a questions to Grant: What happens if you tell your father that he sets up for average and don’t want to change. He is satisfied and even don’t want to support or help me and is even annoyed when I tell him the truth. What should I do?

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    Uncle G Is The Man,,,,

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    You can have it all with Obsession!

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  • Rock star!  Too many people are worried about meetings running “on time” and “late” but they have no problem watching a football game in overtime!!

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    GrantCardone how do I shift my mindset? I grew up with a fixed mindset, I was labeled ADHD and encouraged to get SSI, I finally woke up to the fact that nothing was wrong with me, and I don’t know what mindset to pick up.

  • 10XMLM

    Love it ! Growing up my father always told me to work smart , make your money work. He didn’t know how to teach me though. Thank you GC for filling in the blanks.

  • We say so many shoulda’s we end up SHITTING on ourselves!!

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    why is book “Obsessed” no longer on sale in the webshop ?

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    El ocio es el padre de todos los vicios

  • imaginemystrobe GrantCardone  My friend , repetition is your friend. Train your subconscious mind to believe in yourself . For instance, everday for 2 years, i made myself wake up in a happy smiling face mood. know everyday i wake up. I am in the best moods ever. Use this example to train your brain and don’t let anyone even your father stand in your way of success. You already are on the right track being here today. Stay Positive , It’s hard at time but keep on believing and eventually the universe will work for you.You already have more ambition than those around you, Stay with like minded people , like us and cardone..

  • AMEN



  • I do have a thing for socks..lol


  • EXACTLY!!!

  • What did you do when she cancelled her order bc of the Bitch Comment on the back of the hat ?…..    love to know how you handled that situation ..


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    I love you grant

  • Elle Ingalls here. Inspired to write 6 or more books, not just one…

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    Mama needs to quit doting and tell ya to get Obsessed #BOBA

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    this is better than the bible

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    Love the idea of giving the customer 3 choices…. Don’t usually believe in more that that causes confusion

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    Amen my friend

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    GC knows we’re obsessed at 10Xmlm.com. #BOBA

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  • You were brainwashed, You have now been “Cardoned”.  🙂

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    whos facebook messanger is just blowing up, hahahaha

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    End the Epodeomic average  #boba

  • awe$$$$omE GC!!!

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    Review Sell or Be Sold. #BOBA thanks for the generosity of your wisdom & experience

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    Simply put….Magnificent! In every way. #BOBA

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    Awesome Uncle G – Taking life to another level with #BOBA ! Would love for you to check out http://www.ultimateseal.com – Ultimate Seal Tire Sealant so we can take this company to the potential that I see in it.

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    As always GC over delivers !

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    Please Review – The Closer’s Survival Guide – Uncle G teaching us the ABC’s – Always Be Closing

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    Uncle G delivers as Promised!! That is why your number 1!!

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    Hi cant seem to watch something locked on my account and have not seen my book yet?

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    Love the energy. Just learned about a couple weeks ago and am very glad I did. I have had a lot of influencers with little direction on my part. Still waiting for the book I ordered from your store. I thought it would have been here by Saturday the 15th.

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    I loved the #BOBA

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    Uncle G I want anothing obsessed sticker!

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    GrantCardone Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco would be a great book for you to review.

  • quang_vn

    KennyCannon1 GrantCardone I would love that also. I mention that last week on book reviews also. Uncle G, Lets do this next week.

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    Awesome as usual ! #BOBA

  • #BOBO!!

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    Still haven’t received my book yet…and for some reason I can’t login to this site from my phone! I don’t know what’s going on!!!

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    If you heard my story you would fall out of your damn chair

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    Fantastic and totally empowering! Great for young kids to get out of the middle class mentality at an early age! Thanks GC for all you do:)

  • IvonneTeoh

    My book has arrived! Appreciate the back stories behind your book. Invaluable to re-evaluate my obsessions and commitments. Our money programming starts from young, very likely from our parents. Then teachers & employers got us hooked on the lie that we need to get a J.O.B. Banks get us hooked on debt. Good to bust the lies & myths.

  • IvonneTeoh

    imaginemystrobe GrantCardone  Change yourself first. Then your dad may become interested in change for himself. However, it’s his choice. You cannot change him. This network could be one of your support system. You can also use Napoleon Hill’s `Invisible Counsellors’ technique. Google it for links.

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    Awesome!! Thank you GC

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    Amazing Book!