Questions addressed in this Bonus Episode:

• Aren’t you micromanaging?

• What would be my animal spirit?

• How do you get your staff obsessed?

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    How do you recommend we prepare for the BOBA coaching program that starts next week?  Read the entire book and watch your video version in advance or should we do the chapters as you cover them in the coaching?

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    Chris Elliott what i did, i took notes and i keep listening to the book while I drive, I’m on my second run

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  • Grant what was that triggered you to write this book?

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    What’s up GC! This book is already changing my mindset and my life. Can’t thank you enough!

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  • Dominate To Win Like That

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    Pablo Escobar

  • Pablo Escobar

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  • starve the doubt is awesome in the audio.

  • he was a control freak no doubt!!! Escobar!

  • 4 years ago GrantCardone change my life, I see, do, handle things different now, made a huge positive impact in my life on all areas

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  • Hope I get my book today. Ordered it from you all.

  • What triggered you to write on this topic Grant!?
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  • This is worth 100.100.100$

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    I want to utilize this mindset to help our people in our Church to grow!!  BE OBSESSED!!!  Thanks Grant!!!!

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    You’re right Grant. I’ve been studying Thomas Edison. He was freaking obsessed 24/7.

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    Ive seen you talk a lot about how you dont take even over the counter medicine.  When the pressure is on do you ever get headaches and what do you do then.  I hate taking excedrine but sometimes I have to do my head isnt pounding.  How do you keep things so cool and calm?

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    I bought Kindle & Hard Cover versions, thank you GC, love the title and the data! When you are going to deliver the 13 sessions about the book?

  • Pablo Escobar and El Chapo are the definition of being OBSESSED about massive wealth at any cost 🙂

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    Last week I grabbed the Millionaire Booklet from Audible for 4.99, don’t know if it is still that price but if anyone is headed over there, grab that title too.

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    If you have something that you’re obsessed with that can’t be monetized in any way, would you let yourself pursue it?

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    Thanks Grant. I bought 2 copies and had 1 monogrammed. I also bought the audiobook

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    You can’t imagine how HUGE of an impact you’ve made in my life and business Uncle G! I Own THE 10X RULE and I can’t wait to get this book in the mail to start reading it!

    I wanna BLOW UP my sales game and boost my company to millions so i can pay you a visit someday i would LOVE to meet up!!

  • There were some parts in the audio that hit me right in the gut.  You also mention you will waste years of your life if you don’t learn to dominate yourself. ( I think that is what it was) Yeah, that hit home.  I’m going through where you read the book while I’m waiting for my hard copy.

  • Your ideology has helped me focus my unbounded energy in the right direction.  Thanks GC!!!

  • I want control!

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    They’re House of Cards in real life.

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    Grant, you are awesome with your thoughts and actions!!!. I am one of your investors and have become over time your follower. Great things are going to happen to average people because of what you are doing…Cheers from Vamsi.

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    How do you recommend we prepare for the BOBA coaching program that starts next week?  Read the entire book and watch your video version in advance or should we do the chapters as you cover them in the coaching?

  • I want my staff to be an extension of me! its always on my mind now because of the book……….

  • Uncle G! You’re the greatest!

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    Thanks Grant. I bought 2 copies and had 1 monogrammed. I also bought the audiobook for when I’m on the road.

  • Got the audio last night and so Far Chapter 2 hit me Uncle GC!! Thank You!

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    GrantCardone who are some people today, that you would say are incredibly obsessed, who is the first people to come to mind

  • Private christian school showing kids Dave Ramsey videos on their finance class – what a joke! I’m trying to get them to show your youtube videos so they can clear these kids minds.

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    #BOBA is the filter for all relationships going forward!
    Only book I’m reading/rereading for the rest of the year. Mastering this content. Thanks Grant!

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    I ordered my book through Amazon – it’s not supposed to get here until ‘sometime’ next week – wish I would have ordered it here.

  • Private christian school showing kids Dave Ramsey videos – what a joke! I’m trying to get them to show your youtube videos so they can clear these kids minds.
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    Thanks, Uncle G…for being #OBSESSED

  • If You’re Not First, You’re Last

  • #sellorbesold review please

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    Have you read Blue Ocean Strategy? Kinda think you would disagree with a lot of the book

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    Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich book review willl be great.

  • be great everyone 🙂
    and Thank you Robert and GC

  • Thank you so much Grant!

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    10xers and the obsessed, let’s connect. I think the mastermind is an amazing idea, I’ve taken action and created a Facebook group for us to connect. or search facebook for Be Obsessed or Be Average Mastermind Group. – Tom

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    Uncle G, Please give us your full take on, Dianetics –  L Ron Hubbard

  • Please, review The 10X Rule 🙂

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  • Book Review: The Secret to Ballin (feat. Damon Dash)
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  • onairwithtom

    I would like to see a book review of Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

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    Thank you Grant for all your input !!! You are a truly inspiration

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    It would be great if you can review The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

  • This was awesome!!

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    quang_vn That’s the best business book I ever read.

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    KennyCannon1 quang_vn I’m going through the audiobook and loving it so far.

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    I have never heard anyone person speak the truth , Hardcore, not insulting and not politically correct . But in my face raw truth.  Reading GC material is changing my life like never before. People are noticing at my job . I have always known what to do but always hesitated . Now my job is improving greatly , but I am looking for my place in business . I need to strike and strike now. I need to be in my own business . I am thinking of going back into network marketing . I saw some success but I am thinking I can reignite the fire keep it stoked and help people get what they really want and help them get it.

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    Uncle G lose the tie you’re starting to look like a bus driver. Wear 10X gear,it’s you bro! Kick butt stuff found HERE!

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    Can you make yourself obsessed about something that you are not currently obsessed with? Like your current sales job?

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    GrantCardone are these questions going to be answer directly on the show or privately? I submitted a question a while back and been on the mastermind but no answers as of yet….