• MarshallWilkinson

    This is wonderful. What an excellent example. I love this!

  • PeterNagy

    You guys creating a better future for all of us. Love to listen to you! 10X please.

  • Mike Sakkestad

    Amazing Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes yes super wonderful!!!!!!!!

  • Roselyn Cruz

    Miss Sabrina and Miss Scarlett Cardone..Keep up the positive attitude and the confidence to talk in the camera.   Have fun in your 10XKids Network.  Here is another suggestion a segments like your father.  Your father and mother will eventually write a book on 10XKids.  So here is what you do, let the audiences (your kid followers) know what book(s) you’ll be reading for next week and you and your sister will talk about it.  (Suggestions: Read a book to your audience – story telling, Your Travels, Your Dogs, How to Bake?, What it is like to live with Uncle G the 10X Man and 100x Mother? and even talk about how well you both can swim) Your topics will grow and we will see the changes in both of you every other week. HAVE FUN!!

    Rose C
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