How AI Will Help you Predict Your Next Customers Sale - Tim Clark
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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Predict Your Next Sale – Tim Clark

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I am excited about the opportunity to work with Grant Cardone and his team in introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their sales process.

I am a certified developer for Amazon Web Services which gives me access to the same AI technology that is used by Amazon and Netflix. Here are 3 examples of how AI will generate amazing insights into business and sales:

1. What is the most effective sales path? Typically customers begin with lower proceed products, and then over time, purchase again and again with increasingly priced products. We can identify the most profitable sales path.

2. What product is a particular customer most likely to buy next? Imagine waking up each morning and arriving at the office to find a list of leads that show who is ready to buy today, and the exact product they are ready to buy. For example, “Chris bought the Sales Boot Camp 45 days ago after first purchasing the Millionaire Booklet. There is a 85% chance he will purchase a Conference Ticket in the next 7 days.” Wow!

3. When is the right time to sell a certain product to a certain type of customer? Wouldn’t you want to know the best day of the week, or the best time of the day, or the best method of communication, to sell a particular type of product?

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