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Why Upgraded My New Car – Jerry Fetta

My BMW upgrade could have been a 1 or 2 but I made it a 5. When I purchased my BMW x6, which I have named Jumbo, it was so that I could generate more income. Here is why (I’ll tell you why I named it Jumbo as well).

  1. By leveling up into my dream vehicle I am invalidating scarcity mindset in myself. I have a rule that as soon as I feel fear surrounding a purchase, it is an indicator that I must do it now. This forces me to attack my problems and think bigger.
  2. Driving better car is a form of improving my environment and my positive experiences which enhances my energy and increases my production.
  3. Because my x6 weights over 6,000 pounds, it was purchased by my company, deducted as a business expense, and will be also written off as it depreciates over the next 7 years. Taxation is theft. BMW’s are better than being stolen from.
  4. The main purpose of this upgrade was to get attention and promote. Last weekend I watched the new movie about JP Barnum. What I learned from that movie is that I must promote more. There is a scene towards the end of the movie when Barnum rides an elephant to pick up his wife and children. Barnum realized the importance of promotion. When the movie ended, all I could think was “I don’t have an elephant”. The BMW x6 I’ve upgraded to is my elephant. I named it Jumbo because that was the name of Barnum’s controversial elephant. Promotion is a key to wealth!