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Understanding the Economy

In this Show

Grant Cardone offers insights and advice to help the middle-class break out and achieve true freedom in business, career and finance. Each week NY Times best-selling author, self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur and international sales expert Grant Cardone focuses on matters affecting the middle class.

Whether it’s jobs and careers, finance, entrepreneurship, Grant’s real, raw in-your-face delivery serves as a wake-up call for anyone ok with just being comfortable. The Cardone Zone is like no other business show presently on air. After watching one episode, you’ll be inspired to make success your duty, responsibility and obligation as you break free of the middle class and break into true freedom.

Every Friday at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time, Grant is delivering Cardone Zone to you. Where he talks about success, money, finance, and career—to get you to financial freedom.

Today Grant Cardone talks about straightening out the economy.

Whether they raise or lower rates, the FED cannot manipulate the market anymore than you or I can.

• 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck… in the richest country on the planet.

If everyone left this show today and went home to solely take care of their household, we would collectively fix the economy.

Most of America has their attention on the money going out and not enough attention on their income. The missing ingredient for most of us is, “How do I get money from the marketplace?”

Our economy is awful right now: 2% growth; people with college degrees working at Starbucks; people are fighting over minimum wage; they are FIGHTING over POVERTY. And it’s being going like this for 27 years.

What do you need to do differently?

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