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Recently I was interviewed on how I am handling my release for Be Obsessed or Be Average after I did a live Facebook stream. Here it is:

Grant Cardone Uses Creative Strategies to Sell New Book: Be Obsessed or Be Average

If you want to sell books today you better get creative. When you start thinking about launching a hardcopy business book in today’s environment you need to think about coordination with publishers. Then you have to think about distribution through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Books-a-Million. Then you have to add the complication of eReaders and audio downloads. The author today has never been more challenged to figure out how to sell books. And, by the way, none of that includes the consumer of the book.

Grant Cardone’s seventh book, Be Obsessed or Be Average, has a release date of October 11th, but the book has already hit the #1 New Release at Amazon for Entrepreneurship, Management & Leadership, Finance and Small Business.

When asked how he does this, Cardone says, “You must be extremely creative when thinking about how to launch book sales, create buzz before release date and ensure the audience reads and reviews the book. Eighty-four percent of books bought are never read in their entirety. This is a huge problem for authors because the person that has bought six books and not read them will at some point quit buying more books. Then there are those who don’t want to read but only want to have a book on audio and the publisher doesn’t release audio books until a later date for prehistoric ridiculous reasoning and they don’t count towards getting you on bestseller lists. And then you have your fans who don’t want to wait. All this creates tremendous challenges for someone who wants to sell a $30 product that they only make $1.50 on. What we did was take responsibility for all the apparent challenges which appeared to be beyond our control and used them to make an offer so compelling that people had to purchase the book.”

So this is what Cardone offered: Before Amazon or Barnes can even distribute the book into the hands of a fan Cardone is personally delivering over ten hours in full video to all who pre-ordered the book from his website. Cardone is known for selling millions of copies of his business programs all priced from $500 to $2000. This video program is priced at $495 on his website and the those who pre-order Be Obsessed or Be Average get access to it immediately for FREE.

Not a bad deal for a $29 investment.

But Cardone wasn’t finished there. He then offered 100% credit for the purchase of the book once the person reads and reviews the book. And get this, it doesn’t matter whether the review is good or bad! If that’s not enough, he also promises thirteen coaching sessions to everyone who bought the book starting three days after the book is released!

Cardone said, “If you want to get people to read your book the author and the publishing company must take responsibility and be extremely creative to get the book in the hands of the right audience. Whatever you think is enough do a little more. It’s called Be Obsessed or Be Average for a reason!”

Here are the details on how you can get Be Obsessed or Be Average today + $500 for FREE:

For those of you who do not want to wait until October 13th for Cardone’s newest book, he is going to give access today to a 10-hour video series where he personally covers the book in detail. This project took six days to record and is for sale for $495 at his site. You get the video series today for free today when you purchase at least one copy of the book from

If you have already bought a copy from Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Target, Amazon, etc. you still get the 13 coaching sessions he promised which will start on October 13th and run each day through Oct 25th. He wants to give people time to have the book in hand while they watch.

If you want access TODAY to the video series and be one of the first in the world to have access to this, simply order one copy at the link and you will get:

  1. Hard copy of the book (Oct 11th release)
  2. 13 Mastermind Sessions (Oct 13 – 25th)
  3. Ten-hour video series (Immediately)

So how do you get the book for free? Simple. Once you receive the book and read it, just write a review on the page you bought it from. Regardless of where you purchased and regardless of the rating of the review, just send Cardone a copy of your review and receipt and he will give you a credit for the FULL amount at his site for a digital product.

Send copy of your review and receipt to (yes that’s his email).

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get to them.

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