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You feel like you have a great idea that you could turn into a business.

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You believe there is money to be made with this idea.

But do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to commit to being a real entrepreneur?

Do our test to see if you possess the entrepreneurial qualities you need to be a successful business owner!


Answer yes or no to the following questions:            

Yes                           No                   

1. I have a clear vision for the future

2. Adding value is more important than lowering prices

3. I persist until I succeed in achieving my goals

4. I have a clear strategy to compensate for my weaker points

5. My passion always inspires people to give their best

6. People easily like and trust me because of my positive attitude

7. Where others see problems, I see challenges

8. Even under pressure, I stay calm and decisive

9. I have an eye for solving problems and turning it into a profit

10. I make sure everything I do is of high quality

11. I stay on top of my financial records

12. I know my business will grow exponentially, if I invest in myself

13. I am willing to temporarily earn less money as investment for the future

14. Negative remarks of others don’t slow me down

15. I love developing idea and putting them into practice

16. When I see an opportunity, I grab it immediately

17. I belief success is not depending on external factors

18. With my enthusiasm I can convince other people of my opinion

19. In sales I don’t give up until I seal the deal

20. My Core Values are more important than making money


Mostly Yes

You seem to posses all the qualities of a great entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs solves problems for a profit. To start you need to have a clear vision for the future of the company and Core Values to build a solid foundation for your business. A great entrepreneur sets goals and develops effective strategy to achieve them. The best entrepreneurs know that to grow your business, you need to invest in yourself first. 

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Mostly no

This doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be entrepreneur. Rule number 1 of being an entrepreneur: let nothing stop you from achieving your dream. But having that dream is not enough, you need to start thinking and acting as the business owner you aspire to be. Connect with other entrepreneurs that can help you develop the skills, knowledge and qualities that you need  to acquire. Read blogs and articles on starting your business, leadership and improving your finances. Start participating in workshops, to become the best you, you can be.

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