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The True Cost of Non-Refundable Seconds – Tim Clark

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The True Cost of Non-Refundable Seconds

How much is your time worth?
• 365 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 31,536,000 seconds per year
•Take your yearly income and divide by 31,536,000. This will give you the value of each second.

Calculate activities cost per second:
• Commute, Uber vs self drive
• Growth Con
• Cardone u
• Vacation
• Concert
• Football game
• Netflix
• Pick up a penny
• Cold call
• Follow up a client
• Visit a client
• Web meeting
• Church service
• Visit Grandparents
• Workout

Typically our first engagement saves business owners and employees between 15 and 60 minutes per day, which equates to $10k’s per year.

Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit . Also like and follow us on social media: Nikos Computer Engineering