The Tracy Wilson Mourning Interview

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On this episode of Women In Power Elena Cardone and Katrina Campins interview Tracy Wilson Mourning. Tracy gives the world a look into her life and discusses how she balances her life, business, and relationships.

  • i got the roxanne reference, even bergerac. nice show ladies!

  • best thing i got, was to out-create. 21:45-22:30 love it. and then i learned this is a place for women to come and listen…hmm, better go find grant! but you all are easier on the eyes 🙂

  • Thank you for introducing us to Tracy. What a sweet soul! You have such a way with words. And so zenful. You’d make a great meditation or yoga instructor 🙂 I loved so many things about this interview. You girls are really rocking these interviews. Love how you are encouraging women.

    Elena, you got it. I followed you all before you had a chance to ask. Will spread the word. 💛✨