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Every sales team faces the challenge of maintaining their passion. A few big reasons for this are stale sales strategies, a lack of collaboration, and antiquated business tools. Applying the following steps can help you boost your sales team’s passion: 
Healthy Competition: A sales team can both work together while also experiencing a healthy sense of competition among themselves. Healthy competition can help your sales team strive for milestones. The idea is to inspire each team member to an even greater effort.
Revise goals that aren’t measurable: Setting up big goals can be inspiring and energizing.  However, if they’re not measurable by the end of the sales campaign your sales team will have little clue if their efforts are worth celebrating. Try and revise your goals and make them attainable, measurable, and incremental. With the end result being an opportunity to celebrate your sales team and thus reignite their passion to solve their customers and prospects problems.
Celebrate your milestones: An overly scrutinized sales team often runs off low morale. It’s a good idea to evaluate failures and opportunities, but you should never forget to celebrate the milestones.
Recognize every effort: Every step takes considerable effort, and every effort deserves attention and recognition.  Even when your team don’t quite meet their big goals it is wise to maintain your sales team’s momentum by recognizing all progress towards those goals.
Innovation and cutting-edge tools: Using outdated technology and antiquated marketing campaign strategies can leads to loss of motivation.  Innovation and creativity energize sales teams. Businesses’ should constantly adopt business tools that can make team collaboration seamless. The most important tools that a sales team relies on is their modern business phone system.Making progress towards those big goals is often the result of utilizing robust collaboration tools which allow the sharing of important information in real time. 
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