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Managers and project coordinators: Direct employees have a deeper relationship with your business culture, and as a result, their reputation hinges on making your business a success. Managers must be loyal to the business brand, reputation, and business growth. The problem with managers who are outsourced is that their first loyalty is to their own employer.  Conflicts between your outsourced managers and their employer may directly affect their productivity and loyalty to your brand.

Hiring Process:  Hiring is a long-term commitment between you and your employees. Using third-party recruiters can be helpful, but when it comes to hiring you should keep complete control. You should learn as much as you can about your candidates and how they fit into your existing workforce.

Customer Retention Department: For many businesses, it is common to outsource the customer support department to cut cost. Customer retention department has different challenges than simple customer support department. The customer retention process often involves renewing contracts, providing incentive, and refunds. These are very important decisions that you should be directly involved in.

Human Resource Department: Human resource departments have a huge role in setting a company culture and maintaining professionalism. Some aspects of human resources may be outsourced, but it is important for you to ultimately remain in control because outsourcing critical tasks of human resource can lead to a loss of consistency in your business culture.

Communication Department: Your business communication is the lifeline to your business. Today, business communication is highly complex, and it is almost impossible for businesses not to outsource some of the tasks and technologies. However, you must maintain some level of control so that your outsourcing company has no leverage in your business existence. This begins with using a business communication system that is scalable and easy to manage so that you will have control over your communication and your trade secrets.


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