The Top 10 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand and Business at Any Level

Many of you know I have been in the game for a while. Some people think I’m an overnight success, but the reality is I’ve been busting my ass working hard for over 25 years and I’m still working every day like I’m broke.

I’ve codified what I’ve learned into many different forms of training, inspiration, knowledge, books, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, live events and even t-shirts.

I want you to know that I have the perfect thing to get you and your business to the next level, no matter what level you are at. I’m highlighting my top 10 solutions for you so you can find the perfect one for your current obstacle.

Here are some of my top products:

10) The Millionaire Booklet

I wanted to simplify the process of becoming a millionaire. This is a great product that’s easy to consume. Becoming a millionaire isn’t some pie in the sky, out of reach big claim. I know it’s attainable because I have used the information here and done it. For just a few dollars, I give eight steps to allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve. There’s phenomenal value in this booklet that will help you get started on your wealth journey.

“This book is short and to the point, full of insight and foresight for your future. Grant had an ability and reach to help others that creates real leadership with no bs. Take advantage of being great and applying this solid info to your financial control and freedom.” —Jesse Mccullum

9) Millionaire Now Webinar—This is a more in-depth look at the foundations taken from the Millionaire Booklet. I’m talking about a step-by-step process on how to create wealth just as I did. This product will give you over 3 hours of video where I show you how you too can have the ability to be a hero to others by giving beyond your wildest dreams.

“I’m half way to my first mil, appreciate the material in Millionaire Now to help push me over the top.” — Michael J. Garner

8) The Grant Cardone Seminar Collection—I’ve done thousands of speaking gigs through the years talking to audiences around the world on sales training solutions, sales tips, sales strategies and business expansion ideas. My seminars are designed to be life changing experiences that enlighten and inspire people to accomplish success and greatness at a whole new level. I handpicked 8 of these live events and packaged them into this exclusive e-book.

“After 4 weeks of listening to Grant every day, I crushed my quota last month and exceeded quota this month with 1 week to spare. I have no doubt that Grant has given me the tools to 10x my life. Thank you, Grant, for all that you have done for this #YoungHustler. You da man baby!”—Ryan

7) The 10X Rule—This book will be a big part of my legacy. 10X has become a nation of rabid fanatics who have understood the principles of 10X and have had massive success in the lives as a result. The movement is only growing—and it will continue to grow. Why? Because it works.

This book will allow you to blast through business cliches and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get stuck. You want success in every area of life—not just financially, but EVERY AREA—then this is a must read.

“In 1997 RichDad PoorDad changed the way I viewed wealth and how to get there. This is the new #1 wealth guide for the current times.”—K. Koffman

6) 10X University—This takes The 10X Rule to the next level. Do you want a super life? I will show you how to create one, 24/7 on demand. Discover the rules of success, get access to my special program “100 ways to super motivation”, and watch my live seminars from Cancun that people paid thousands of dollars to see live. This is about creating your 10X Super life, and what’s more valuable than that?

“I’m now on my second time through 10X University. I purchased it last year and ended up doubling my income in 2016 and am on track to be well over that by the end of 2017. I highly recommend it.”—Curtis Dewar

5) The Rebuttal Manual—This book is pure money. Literally, this thing is an amazing tool that will give you the ability to professionally handle any and all objections anywhere in your sales process. Whether it happens over the phone on a cold call or in the qualification, the negotiations, the close or the follow-up—I’ve got you covered with this resource.

You get over 100 closes perfect real life responses you can use to your customers’ objections. This product came as the result of me codifying how to close any sale by handling complaints and objections.

“I started to get more appointments on the first week of using it, by the second week I noticed an elevation in my income. It has proved to be very easy to understand and to apply, and the results are very, very immediate. Thanks.” — Arturo from Mexico

4) Grant Cardone Playbook—This 400+ Page MASSIVE book I created will change the way you approach success and business. I lay out the strategies you need to get you from just getting by, to prosperity—and even filthy rich if you choose. It covers financial plans, budgets, the 40% rule, finance mistakes, my tried and true wealth creation formula, good debt and bad debt, and my 95/5 rule among other things. This was my biggest product release in 2016 and will be a bestseller for years.

“The Playbook program has excellent content on diverse subjects. Sales, motivation, closing, investing & life, plus much much more. Easy and fun to use, I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to do and feel better both professionally and personally. With plenty of valuable content on subjects of improvement, the Playbook is a taste of GC at his best !” —Koby Litowich

3) 1-on-1 Coaching Session—Each one on one session is personally delivered by me and is uniquely designed to identify your existing opportunities for expansion and then I create an action plan to maximize and harness those opportunities for your business expansion. I work with one on one with you from my office, or yours, to build a custom solution for you and your team, engineered to fit your desired outcomes and ensure your business is operating at its peak optimization and maximization.

“I sat down with Grant about 2 weeks ago and it was a game changer. He confirmed many things that I already knew and also gave some great insight as to where my focus and attention needs to be to get to the next level. I have been following Grant’s stuff for about 3 years now and went from making $40K a year to last year doing $160K. In addition to that going from 40-160K, this week I landed a deal that will help me make my first million dollars cashed in the bank. With his suggestions and my hard work, I was able to partner for equity in a company that will literally increase my annual income 10-20X.” — Alexander

2) 10XGrowthCon— The 10X Growth Conference is coming to the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, NV February 22-24, 2018, and this is a great value for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and salespeople. Come learn strategies from the most successful entrepreneurs that will guarantee you 10X Growth. We have a jammed packed lineup of world-class speakers for the 3-day event. Seats are extremely limited and this event will sell out. You will not only learn a lot that you can take home, you will have a blast while you’re there.

“The highest ROI I’ve ever received! I feel I should have paid triple of what this conference has cost me.” – Matt McCage

1) Cardone University—You want it all? Instead of a one-on-one coaching session that lasts you one day, I chose this as my #1 product because it allows me to be your coach 365 days a year. This is for those that want to go deep with me on all my material. You will find things exclusive to Cardone U that you won’t find anywhere else because I’ve reserved this for the fortune 500 companies that pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars for their employees to train on this platform.

Big companies trust me to increase their sales—imagine what it can do for you as an individual. Get over 1500 courses from closing to negotiating, from cold calling to follow-up—it’s all in here. Become a master, get on Cardone U.

“My team is loving the content. We’re on pace to beat last months production after two weeks on the program!” — Alexis Aranda CFO, Pure Plumbing

Comment below what your favorite product has been—and what you want to get next.

Be great,


Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017”. Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider,, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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