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Would you like to double or triple your income and build the resources and facilities around you to truly take care of your family and community? Check out this video and connect up with Tom Alston. Cebron Walker does marketing and public relations around the world for small and medium sized businesses. He’s been helping companies build great brands using every communication tool available; from traditional to digital, from corporate videos to websites to national publicity in the media. He’s worked with Tom for several years and recently got the chance to read the first edit of his new book, The Equality Police.

LinkedIn:… Tom is the CEO of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals, the preeminent experts in California sales and use tax. He also is a Grant Cardone 10X business coach and speaks on topics related to work, sales and building wealth. His bi-weekly webinars with industry leaders are widely attended. Aero and Marine Tax Professional’s success stems from researching decades of decisions and recommendations by the California Board of Equalization (BOE). From this research and learning every possible way someone could avoid paying sales and and use tax, they created a full-proof process to achieve tax exemption. As a result, there isn’t any way for a client to fail to win their exemption. Over 1,400 clients have had success working with Aero and Marine.


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