Tired of Missing Sales?

If you’re in sales and business you might see your numbers fluctuating from month to month. If you aren’t increasing sales, profits, and expanding, it’s because you are missing sales. Are you tired of missing sales? How many leads are you getting that you aren’t capitalizing on?

I’ll give you 4 reasons you’re down this month:

1) Lack of Branding

Companies can outsell you with worse service, a worse product, and higher prices—why? It’s because they did a better job of branding themselves. They’ve been there paving the way, working the deal, and making people feel comfortable. People don’t do business with people they don’t know. People do business with people and brands they are familiar with.

Branding is why so many people spend money on advertising. That’s why people want their name recognized—blogs, strategies, radio, podcasts, YouTube—it’s all branding. Follow up is just a way of branding, letting people know that you are here to stay and not going away. Coca-Cola, Cheerios, Mott’s, American Express they’ve been building brands for decades. American Express started in 1850. You need to build your brand. You’re missing sales because you haven’t branded well enough.

2) Uncertainty

Do you know what uncertainty means? You should. It’s the opposite of certainty. Certainty means you know for sure. Uncertainty means you don’t know for sure. You—and your client—live in a world of uncertainty. There are 800 TV channels puking uncertainty on you every day—don’t do it, rates are going up, money’s tight, the economy is in trouble, these people lost this, that company went bankrupt. Uncertainty is everywhere. When uncertainty is felt what is your client going to do? They’ll think about it, put it off, talk about budgets, say the price is too high, look at other possibilities—because uncertainty breeds more uncertainty.

The way I handle that is to confront it. What are you uncertain about? Do you think you are not going to be here next week, next month, 3 months from now? What if the economy tanks, are you going to go out of business? You have to literally push the uncertainty. Don’t do it in an email or text. You could do it with video or articles. Share positive and expansion news with people, even in the worst economic and unemployment status. You need to build certainty.

3) You Aren’t Liked

I’ve been in a lot of situations where no deal happens because somebody doesn’t like me. They don’t like the way I stand, talk, what I said, the way I post something, or some other reason—whatever it may be—they simply don’t like me. Until either that person goes away or someone changed their mind, or I figure out how to get everyone to like me, they won’t be buying from me. This isn’t a negative; it is what it is—the transactional realities of the real world is that not everyone will like you.

If everyone likes you, you won’t like yourself. It’s better for me to like myself than for everyone else to like me. If it means I lose a deal, so be it. If you want, you could call them out on it. “Is there someone in the company that just doesn’t like me?” Maybe they’ve read something about you, seen something on YouTube or somewhere, heard someone talk about you, and have already formed an opinion of you that may or may not be accurate. Stay true to yourself and your brand. Be consistent—because people like and respect consistency.

4) More Pressing Problem

Your clients have more pressing problems than the problems you can solve for them right now, and you don’t know what they are. They’ve got problems so big they can’t even think about your product or service. Yeah, they hit your website, investigated, and called you. But they’ve got problems now that won’t allow you to get in front of them.

This is why follow-up is so important and why you have to keep your pipeline full. Just hang in there. A lower price or better product is not going to help them. They have pressing problems that once relieved, you can be there to make that sale—if you keep following up.

If you don’t start analyzing reasons why your sales are down one by one, you won’t fix the problems. You will be dependent on the economy rather than making your own economy. Maybe you don’t know what your clients most pressing problems are and how to pitch your product or service to make them feel the need to buy now. Maybe you have a reputation you need to repair and people aren’t liking you. Maybe many of your clients feel uncertain and you don’t know how to push through and close by making them certain. Or maybe you haven’t been branding well. These are just a few of the possible reasons your sales are down this month—there are many more.

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