Tired of Missing Sales Quota?

Managers, are you tired of your people missing forecast? Of course you are, now this is what you have to do.

1) Quit lowering the expectations. When a sales person or team misses their forecast the solution is never to reduce the forecast. If you are going to reward sales people for hitting quota, you must be willing to penalize for missing. At the very least don’t forgive the missed quota, add it to future expectations. Why would I reduce a target that at one time was a worthy target? If your product is good for the customer then it’s good for everyone else.

“Never reduce a target once given.”

2) Create a culture that makes missing quotas unacceptable. In my world I believe it is unethical to come up short. While I miss targets constantly, I never make sense of coming up short and just because I miss it doesn’t mean I don’t get it later. Making sense of missing quotas is insane and should never be allowed.

“Making sense of missed quotas is insane.”

3) Whatever It Takes hit the quota. Insist the sales person push harder for the close. Have others follow up with customers to determine what the sales person is missing. Record calls and de-brief where sales people are missing opportunities to make quota. Pull out all the stops and do whatever is necessary to make quota.

The managers’ job is to make sure every person in the organization hits quota. I don’t need managers to reduce targets and make excuses. I need managers to ensure the sales team hits quota and is winning.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

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