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Time is Money

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There is a direct relationship between time and money—they are connected. What do they have in common? If you want more money, you really want more time. Speed is the new big. You need to either go half as far or twice as fast. If you could have more of time or money, which of them would you choose? Time is money. Time is distance / speed, so if you want to get rich you have to do more with your time or buy other people’s time.

Grant is in a hurry. When you slow down you become less valuable. Grant is in a hurry. When you slow down you become less valuable.

Plant more crops each day and you’ll have a bigger harvest. Here are 3 tips today:

1.Decide to control time.
2.Make Priorities.
3.Multiply time.

The same 3 problems exist with time and money. People don’t know how to make it, keep it, or multiply it. It’s the same 3 problems.

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