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Time Does NOT Heal!

In this Show

You are a big boy, a big girl, grow up and don’t take the advice of “time heals,” because it doesn’t work.

Grant Cardone: Time heals. Ever heard that one? Maybe you are guilty of using this one. You are sitting there listening to somebody’s problem. Girlfriend left the guy, guy left the girlfriend, whatever happened. They are sitting there crying, licking their wounds. And you are like “Time heals, it’s going to be alright.”

You don’t even know what you are talking about! The truth is, the person that says “time heals” is saying this “I’m sick of hearing about your problems and i don’t know what to tell you and so I’m going to to give you this little freaking bandage called “Time heals.” Look folks here is the deal; Bad things happen to everyone. Everyone is going to get a whipping. Everyone is going to have a bad patch to run through, okay. Grow up, heal up and get up. You are going to fall off the horse. You are going to have a lost. You are going to be disappointed. Somebody is going to let you down. Somebody is going to betray you. You are on planet earth. Somebody telling you “Time heals,” first of all it’s not true. It doesn’t heal, you just put it away. A guy ends up being eighty five years old carrying his old wounds from seventy years ago. And spends the next seventy years of his life exhausted everyday, even though he is not thinking about it he is living with this pain.

Time does not heal, confront it, look at it, admit it happened, okay. Know that you have to whip it. Know somebody disappointed you, somebody betrayed you, somebody took advantage of you. Hey! Welcome to freaking planet earth. You are a big boy, a big girl, grow up and don’t take the advice of “Time heals,” because it doesn’t work. You are sick and tired of listening to their freaking problems, say that. “I can’t even listing to it anymore, man, grow up. You are ready for this, you are up for this. You had it happened to you, get over it, let’s roll.”

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