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Tim’s History:
• US Navy special forces 11 years – underwater explosives
• 1989 joined MLM part-time (while in the military) and achieved $65,000 per month in 2 years then retired from military and increased income to over $150,000 per month by year five.
• Retired from MLM in 1995, kept a 7 figure income for 18 years.
• During retirement wrote and recorded a video named Brilliant Compensation that became the entire MLM industry’s “standard” presentation. It has been downloaded/viewed many millions of times by people in all MLM companies. This video completely changed how MLM was presented to prospects.
• Taught an MLM certificate course for the University of Illinois at Chicago that was syndicated to many other countries.
• Interviewed by Larry King debating Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes and legitimate MLM.
• Referred to around the world as the “MLM legend”
• Tim put out a few videos so all people in MLM could use them to help handle objections. These videos get millions of veiws.
• MLM: Do most people fail?
• MLM: Who’s getting rich – who’s not
• MLM: Who’s Lying? By Tim Sales
• https://www.youtube.com/user/MLMEducation

Current Stats:
• 2011 joined MLM company (ARIIX) as the founding distributor.
• $113 million in sales in 14 countries in his downline (within 4 ½ years).
• His purpose in joining a new company was to solve the problem that MLM distributors don’t get enough customers and is the reason for the poor public relations with government agencies and high failure rate
• 2016 launched a new project that’s changing the operating bases of the entire network marketing industry combining affiliate marketing with MLM.
• MLM has been a “back-end” business model with few people having enough money to advertise their business long enough to ever earn an ROI; thus the 90% failure rate. Tim is crushing it with this new concept; he right now spends a dollar and makes 2. He’s tweaking it until he gets to 3X and then he goes loud.

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