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Tim Clark- Applications in Business

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Applications in Business

  • AI is not something in the future, it is now, it is just not yet widely distributed

  • Boston Consulting Group found that 85% of executives believed AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain competitive advantage in the next 3 years.

  • AI defined by Oxford Dictionary: “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making.”

    • Automation – eliminate manual tasks

    • Prediction – determine future outcomes based on past performance

    • Decision – find the optimal solution to any problem

    • Interaction – revolutionize the ways humans interact with technology. Presently voice, but in the future just think.

  • I believe every successful person and every successful company requires a competitive advantage. I want to partner with you to find your unique ability and combine that with AI to give you that competitive advantage.

Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit http://nikosce.com .