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Tim Clark- AI Tracking of Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In this Show

  • The KPI’s for you business determine the success or failure of your business.
  • KPI’s measure the mission critical metrics of your business
  • For each KPI, we analyze the state of affairs just prior to the uptick of the KPI
    • Example KPI: demo our software to a client
    • State Just Prior: Customer and Staff are both connected to our Zoom meeting
    • State Just Prior: Customer is clicking the link to the Zoom meeting
    • State Just Prior: Customer is thinking of joining the meeting
    • Right there, we can introduce an AI agent: If the customer has not yet joined 3 minutes prior to the start time of the meeting, the AI agent will automatically text and call the Customer with a reminder and Zoom info.
  • Quit relying on only human memory and human energy to make your business successful.

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