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This is Real Estate Investing

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I decided to step outside of my comfort zone today as I trekked the streets of Oakland City, Atlanta with a young entrepreneur, real estate investor and solutionist, Thelonious C Jones. Theo started investing at an early age of 23 with his father. It wasn’t long after that he found his niche, buying homes in impoverished neighborhoods of Atlanta, GA. Theo Jones has vision, the type of vision that is needed to be patient in up markets as well as down markets. We spoke about failure, the struggle of finding the right individuals to build his team, social media, entrepreneurship and gentrification. I looked at over 15 homes including an apartment building that Theo owns or has sold. We have the opportunity to see just how he started investing and how much money it took. Thelonious C Jones is the definition of a Comfort Killer and the world needs to watch this documentary right here on GCTV!

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