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If you were to ask me what exactly is the number one thing that costs a company money in its advertising company, or lack of one, it would be the wrong focus and target.  Allow me to elaborate on this.


If your consideration is that it won’t work, if your focusing on the development of your website first, if you are stuck in procrastination, if you find yourself writing ideas but not acting on them, if you find yourself not taking a leap of action into signing up for an advertising campaign, well you can kiss the success of your business goodbye.


It is simple, promotion is the lifeblood of your company, it is the future of your legacy and it is the fastest path to the acquisition of new customers.  There are many times where an individual will decide to back off promotion before their website is built, or before their following is up at the right level.  This could not be further from what is needing to be confronted. The fact that the website is not ready, the fact that the following is not where it needs to be is the primary reason you should invest as much of your resources into promotion as you can.  


Grant Cardone always says if “they don’t know you they won’t flow you”, what does that mean.  GET SEEN. 10X Productions was founded on the principle of exactly this, which companies can utilize our services, can utilize the Grant Cardone method of promotion that allows them to create a positive effect in their business.  That is really what promotion is, making things known, it is taking the leap of faith that everything you do everyday for your company and your business is focused on the development of that company.


What have you done today that allowed you to get into communication with the audience even if it was 25 people.  I have to tell you, 25 people is more than you think. Have you ever been in front of 25 people? I had this weird phenomena, when I was speaking for 10X Productions at Grant Cardone’s Sales Bootcamp this past April, I was in front of 210 people and I thought to myself, wow on Facebook I would feel 210 view is not much, go stand in 210 people and see what that feels like and get reality of the positivity from that experience.  And if this makes any consolation we acquired 16 new clients from that event for 10X Productions.


Are sales possible with that little of a number, clearly.  Are sales possible with that level of ask and repetition, yes they are.   This is the right target the item you should focus on every second. Think on what was done to further the promotion of the business, think of what content was created to enhance my image and the image of the company.   If you can think with this and work with this you are well on your way to successful promotion.


3 years ago when I started down this road, Periscope was the new deal at that time, everyone was periscoping.  I did a periscope it was about an hour long and Grant hopped on and we were discussing advertising. He said something so profound that it became the root of 10X productions “Brand first, advertise later”.  IF you look at the product offerings 10X Productions has we center around first influencer marketing, how can I work with someone who has such a profound social presence that I can inject myself into that flow and be seen.  While I am inserting myself into this new audience, what am I doing behind the scenes? You as the business owner need to develop content, you need to develop the brand and the message over and over again. It has to be apart of your daily plan, videos articles, much like what I am doing, write and article shoot a video and get it on every platform you can.


After 6 months of this you should have developed a massive amount of content, content that can be reutilized and recycled later.  Now once you have done this and you have truly devoted yourself to developing this, the next step in targeted distribution, you have branded, you have utilized another’s flow, lets take all this excellent brand development and get more people to see it all over the country and world.  Get yourself in a position where you can spend $10,000 and not miss it because you know you are promotion you know you are doing distribution, and leads and recognition is coming back to you. You brand first and you advertise later. You do this over and over and over again and focus on the target, focus.  


The other side of the coin is brand and advertise simultaneously.  Build the brand, build the content and immediately spend money on it.  Bypass organic reaches, bypass the natural progression of distribution and turn it into the nitrus that explodes your company.  Take the $10,000 and promote like hell. Ted Turner always talked about this, “work like hell and advertise” he hit the nail on the head because growing a visible brand is one hell of a target.  


Get yourself in the position, create the brand and focus on that and the advertising simultaneously.  The goal here is to not stop, do not stop promotion EVER. If there is one thing I can instill in you and those of you who follow Grant Cardone will know, that guy never stops promotion.  It would take the destruction of the internet, hell the destruction of the planet and he might stop promoting, even then I doubt it, were all flying around and there is Grant, HEY! Sign right there”.  Do you get it? 10X Productions does and that is what we do from moment to moment with every client, how many ways can we get in front of their public the people who will buy from them, the people who will pay attention.  10X Productions is an extension of you, it is an extension of your products, your services and everything that you work towards.


This is what it is about, this is the game you must enter into.  “Players get paid, spectators pay to watch” Grant Cardone said this in Sell or Be Sold.  Don’t be the spectator, be the guy who says to himself and his business you know what I’m doing it Im spending $20,000 because I need to know that people are knowing me.  10X Productions assists you with this, you are accessing Grant Cardone’s marketing team, you are creating and aligning yourself with the most powerful influencer on the planet. That is Grant Cardone and his entire marketing team.  The goal her is to create and image something that burns so bring it is always seen, and not just once over and over.


What’s your target after reading this? What is it? Are you sold? Are you sold on yourself? Are you sold on your business, your goals, your dreams, your blood sweat and tears? Get sold and advertise.  Thats your motto, Get sold on yourself, advertise and close. I had to do it, when I started I had nothing, I had zero followers, I had zero connections, I worked, I learned from Grant and grew and grew and grew.


Welcome to the game of promotion, welcome to the new era of distribution, where TV is dying and I can watch my shows and charge my credit card right on my smart TV. Why did I say that?  I said that because that is where your customers are, that is where the people who need and want your product are and if you are not there, the game is over for you.


Target everything, target every platform, target the expansion and growth of your company.  Do not get lost in the minor details of websites, and having everything properly in place, someone said that made that the standard and everyone blindly followed.  Get yourself in the position where you are the influencer and where people want to come follow you, get yourself into the position where spending $100,000 a month in advertising is not a problem, $1,000,000.  


Play the game the way Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Uber plays, extreme offense.  Go on the offensive you need it, your employees need it your business needs it. The target you zero in on is the target you get, not the success but either the expansion or lost of name or brand that could have been something great.  So go ahead get your CTR’s through the rough, (click thru rate) your targeted ads, your audiences, get them so well created that it is not even a question anymore it is a know fact that YOU the business owner are known in every corner of digital space today. That is what you deserve and do not think of anything else when it comes to your target in advertising.

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