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Your company is up, it is running.  What do you need to have an effective marketing campaign work for you?  There are a myriad of items that I can go into but I will work with the basics in this article.  Bear in mind as you read this, realistically you start promoting even before you have all of these in line, but if you are looking for a roadmap you have come to the right article.


1 – Landing Page or Website


While this is not required for you to begin your advertising campaign as the social media platforms that exist out there provide more than enough opportunity for you to transact, you should probably work on building a website.  Why is this, all advertisements need a place to go. Whether that is to your Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or website. Think of it as the grounding point to expand from into the digital space. Your company or business should have something decent, something that can collect information (landing page) that does enough to explain what you offer, and does enough to offer the people who visit the site to make their justification to take action with you.  Your ads on social media and videos you create on youtube and other outlets, will all drive back to this location. All roads lead to the transaction or lead generation.


2 – Social Media


At least get the big four, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin up and running.  Flesh these profiles out, get your imagery and write ups about you and your business ready to go.  Social media whether you have a large or small following acts like a website, its a location a direction a place where engagement can occur. You can set all these accounts up very quickly and easily.  This allows you to enter into the space and start the process of promotion. Every business started somewhere with zero followers and zero engagement, now it’s your turn. Make the time and setup your accounts with these platforms.  Really isolate down your about sections on these pages, the contact information, email and website where they can go to assimilate further data.


3 – Content Creation


Welcome to the biggest confront, the one that you will have to have the strongest level of discipline in to take action on, this is your content creation.  The above two points only work if you have this in line. You better figure out a way to incorporate this into your day. We have a client here at 10X Productions Jerry Fetta who is exceptional at dedicating time for building out content daily, an article and video a day.  His SEO is off the charts, and the income for his income is constantly rising. This needs to be your model. You have to commit because this is where you will separate yourself from everyone else out there. They get lost in the cats, Kim Kardashian, cars, sports world, and while they focus on this, your slugging it out with your iPhone or android and the keys beneath your figures.  In the long run after 30 days of this with 30 videos and 30 articles all of a sudden your competitors turn around and think to themselves, what is happening here? They may call you insane, not understand it as Grant Cardone says, that means your operating at 10X Levels. Your game now is how often and how frequent you can get in creating content. This not only builds your credibility on google but rather positions you as the authority in your space and industry and you must dedicate your time and energy to this.  Without it you are dead in the water and spending money left and right with no purpose. Channel the purpose and build what you need to, to make these platforms work for you.


4 – Testimonials


Third party validation is the strongest thing you can have out there on the content creation level, your social media level and your website.  Get them in video, get them in writing, get them with pictures the point is, GET THEM. You will use them later in your advertising campaigns, your marketing but for now as I have discussed in another article how this helps you establish and build your credibility on google.  It is not just you speaking on your product and service it is the people who you have helped. It is very reassuring to see testimonials and a lot of them. I bought a product, and there were hundreds of other products to choose from, I picked the one that have 15,234 reviews.  I think that’s an indication this is right. Get your testimonials in order and get them ready for promotion.


5 – Your Employees and Team


When you go and work for Grant Cardone you sign a release form that you may be on digital tv and inside of advertisements.  You are agreeing to play on the team and help promote the products and services and the mission of the group. You as the business owner need to prepare your team to be out in the marketplace.  Trust me your customers will value this more than anything else. Most of the time you only speak over the phone, but once you start building the brands of your employees they will thank you. Grant Cardone is a magician at this he flows so much power to the people around him and in return they flow power back to him, because we are all on the same page of reaching 7 billion people and are going to help them.  Your team not only helps to execute the deliverables and offer client service, but they also can assist you in promotion. They are there to help you give them the power to do so and watch as your business expands in ways you never imagined before. Get them involved in the game you are playing.


6 – Your Products, Your Pricing, Your Services


You need to know your product in and out and all of your products. Grant Cardone talks all time about having multiple products to offer people at different price points.  A hat sale could turn into a $30,000 deal if you do it right. Truth is I have spoken to people that want to promote and advertise they have no product, they have no pricing (or they under price their pricing), and are not aware of all the services they offer.  This is like trying to swallow a cactus in the marketplace. The final step to all of this is make sure that your pricing is on point and all the products and services are known. These will feed and drive the above 5 points all together because without this you are not moving with confidence and you will have serious back off from promoting.  You need the confidence and the full understanding of what your products and services do and be prepared to talk about them at any moment.


These six points are sufficient enough to do this right.  This is where you need to be in day to day experience. How can you utilize these six points right now with what you have available to you.  How can you start promotion now with this six points. Use what you have in front of you to begin the process of advertising to the marketplace about what it is that you offer and what people can benefit from.  Time and time again at 10X Productions the first things we do when we onboard a client is position them with these points we get the data known. We as an advertising agency need this data to make the best decisions for the campaigns that we are going to launch. Granted we have the resources in place to create what is needed to promote you, however when you can come to the game with pre-made content, and the above points in play the faster you get to the market.  The easier it is to spend your advertising budget effectively and get it into the position that matters.


Your work prior to the launch of your campaign will pay off later when you have all of your videos, articles and ideas laid out in front of you.  If you were to ask me why this is important, I would tell you if you want ROI, this is important.


10X Productions uses this data in the most intelligent way possible and shares with you how we operate, and how Grant Cardone’s marketing team operates to the highest level of exchange in the marketplace for you.  The content and the steps above allow for the smoothest entry into the ad campaigns you are about to money behind and we want it to be effective. Do you and your company a favor and have these in line and addressed and reap the rewards of doing so.  

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