Formula to Success – Brad Lea and Grant Cardone

Brad Lea is coming down to Miami for 10X GrowthCon! He is banking $50 million a year and the creator of Lightspeed VT, a great virtual training platform. What did Brad do to get where he is today? How important is it to be connected to important people? Find out why Brad wants to hang out with people that make him feel like a loser. Brad also reveals why you have to make adjustments.

The 2017 10X Growth Conference presented by Grant Cardone promises to be the #1 business conference of the year. Don’t miss this chance to spend 3 days with over 20 Experts, Entrepreneurs and Business Executives in 40 sessions detailing exact strategies and tactics being used to dominate the market. These experts charge as much as $10,000/hr to consult people on their business growth strategies, and now YOU can get access to every session, live Q&A, unparalleled networking opportunities and priceless information for a fraction of what a consulting fee would run you. This is an exclusive event, seating is VERY limited, and this event will sell out. Do not miss this once and a lifetime chance to accelerate your path towards your business and financial goals.

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